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May 11, 2001 | Issue 368


Bush's gang triggers new arms race
Star Wars madness!
George Bush has unveiled his administration's scheme for "national missile defense"--a new name for the same "Star Wars" fantasy that Ronald Reagan pushed in the 1980s.

Start of a new wave of the struggle
U.S. Navy out of Vieques!
Thousands of Puerto Ricans gathered in front of the capitol building in San Juan to inaugurate a new wave of struggle against the U.S. Navy's bombing practice on the island of Vieques.


Behind the Palestinian Intifada
What lies behind the current uprising, or Intifada, in Palestine? What does the future hold? Socialist Worker speaks with several well-known authors and activists to help sort out these questions.

Massacre shows reality of the U.S. war on Vietnam
Kerrey's war crime
Former Sen. Bob Kerrey has been exposed as a war criminal in the mainstream press, and the revelations show that the U.S. war on Vietnam was one long war crime, from beginning to end.

How demonstrators exposed the free-trade cheerleaders
What's next after Quebec City?
"Trade helps spread freedom," says Bush. But thousands of people who protested last month against the FTAA in Quebec City know different. SW interviews leading activists about where the movement is headed.

"Our hearts cannot rest until justice exists for all people"
Freedom Riders
In May 1961, 13 activists took a bus trip. The activists--six whites and seven Blacks, traveling together--set out to challenge Jim Crow segregation in the U.S. South and changed the course of history.


Media cheers Bush's 100 days
Dubya and the do-nothing Democrats
President Bush took office as the first president in 112 years to win the presidency while losing the popular vote. But when the media marked his "first 100 days" in office, they rushed to proclaim Bush's presidency a stirring success.

Racism from ''Bombingham'' to today
The struggle continues
Justice took a long time catching up with ex-Klansman Thomas Blanton Jr. But in early May, Blanton was finally convicted for the church bombing that took the lives of four little girls 38 years ago.

Politicians want to use McVeigh case
Stop all executions!
The media are planning round-the-clock live coverage, and town businesses expect a boon from the sale of souvenirs. But beneath this circus lies a real debate about the death penalty.


Oklahoma City scandal casts doubt on death row cases
A prosecutor's secret weapon
Law enforcement officials in Oklahoma City mishandled thousands of criminal cases--including nearly two dozen where defendants ended up on death row.

A slap on the wrist for Navy captain
Deadly joyride on a nuclear sub
Scott Waddle's reckless joyride on a nuclear submarine cost nine people their lives. For that, he received a slap on the wrist--and even some pats on the back.

Democrats join GOP in new attack on abortion
Fifty-three House Democrats joined almost 200 Republicans in voting for the anti-choice Unborn Victims of Violence Act, a bill that would define any fertilized egg as an unborn child.

NYPD clears cops who killed Diallo
In another round of sham justice, the four cops who killed Amadou Diallo in a hail of 41 bullets were cleared of wrongdoing in an NYPD internal investigation.


What's behind the rebellion in the Philippines?
Manila remained in a "state of rebellion" following a siege on the presidential palace by protesters loyal to former President Estrada.

Killed in skies over Peru
Victims of the war on drugs
Three CIA pilots flying a U.S. Air Force spy plane over Peru began tracking a twin-engine Cessna aircraft. Minutes later, Veronica Bowers and her 7-month-old baby Charity were dead.

General strike paralyzes Greece
More than 200,000 angry workers from both public and private sectors went on a massive one-day general strike in Greece April 26 to protest the free-market policies of the government.

Berlusconi expected to win election
Where is Italy going?
Right-wing parties led by billionaire Silvio Berlusconi were expected to triumph in Italy's general election. Among the right-wing coalition members are the far-right Northern League and the fascist National Alliance.

May Day protests around globe
May Day protests from France to Indonesia and Turkey to Tawian highlighted workers' fights for job security and the growing opposition to corporate globalization.


Supreme Court hands victory to police
Green light for racism
By ruling that police can make arrests for the most minor legal infractions, the U.S. Supreme Court handed a major victory to every police department with a policy of racial profiling.

Are we to blame for global warming?
The U.S. produces one-quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions--and much of that comes from the gasoline we burn in cars. Naturally, people want to do something about this. But what?

The airline bosses' pal in the White House
As the new year began, it looked like airline workers would be setting the pace for labor fightbacks. Then George Bush made it clear that he's on the side of the airline bosses.

Inside the System
Human wrong righted; Bush the bauble; Bugs the bigot; Heard it through the grapevine


Laid off at Chicago Steel
''They just shut the door''
Workers at Chicago Steel & Pickling Co. thought their futures were secure. But one day last month, Chicago Steel & Pickling closed its doors for good, and 126 union members were out on the street.

Peoples Gas looks for concessions
Chicago gas workers gear up for a battle
More than 1,000 gas workers may be walking the picket line by mid-May at Peoples Gas in Chicago.

Tosco risks workers' lives for profits
Most people heard about the April 23 fire at a Tosco refinery in Carson, Calif., when oil companies used it as an excuse to jack up gas prices. But the disaster had a more immediate effect on 16 workers--who narrowly escaped death.

"We'll pull together to fight the coup at WBAI"
Socialist Worker talks with veteran activist and WBAI producer Bob Lederer about the fight against management's attack on progressive programming and union rights at the Pacifica station in New York City.

On the picket line
Hawaii teachers; Los Angeles screenwriters; University of Wisconsin; University of Vermont faculty


Students demand living wage for workers
"Harvard should be proud of them"
More than 30 Harvard University students entered the third week of a sit-in in their fight get the country's richest university to pay a living wage to all its workers.

May Day protests across the U.S.
A round-up of reports from May Day protests in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, NYC, San Diego and more.

News and reports
North Carolina state universities; Free Jaggi Singh; Beat back Bush; New York death penalty; Chicago police brutality; Chicago city colleges


A collection of letters by prisoners
Speaking out from inside
Socialist Worker features a collection of letters and poetry from current and former prisoners.

Other letters
Protests expose fraud of Bush's "compassion"; Challenging David Horowitz and his racist lies


Writing opera about the fight for liberation
Verdi's ''music of the cannon''
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Giuseppe Verdi, composer of some of the world's greatest operas.

Books to expose the IMF and World Bank
Socialist Worker reviews two new books which expose the ugly truth behind corporate globalization.

Mocking the commander-in-thief
The premise of That's My Bush, a new sitcom on Comedy Central, sounds great. It portrays the commander-in-thief as an immature, bumbling, stammering idiot.

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