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Send your refund check to help Socialist Worker

August 3, 2001 | Page 4

Dear Socialist Worker,

It's not everyday I get a $300 check in the mail from the government. But when I got my check from the IRS today--"Tax relief for America's workers"--I was more disgusted than relieved. What help would $300 be if I lost my health insurance and got sick?

This tax cut is not about "relief," it's about stealing from poor and working people. Under Bush's tax cut, his family will have to pay about $100,000 less a year.

As I see it, that's stealing $99,700 of our collective resources, with a $300 payoff to keep me quiet. It's like a rich banker robbing the bank where I deposit my paychecks--and handing me a lollipop to keep my mouth shut.

No way. The mainstream media swallow every idiotic thing to come out of Bush's mouth--from "tax relief" to Star Wars: Part II.

That's why I'm sending my refund check to Socialist Worker to keep bringing the news we need to change this system and its sick priorities. And I'm telling my friends to do the same.

Michael McGregor, Providence, R.I.

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