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Full coverage of the Genoa protests

Collected here are Socialist Worker's articles on the global justice demonstrations against the Group of Eight summit in Genoa, Italy.

300,000 defy police violence in Genoa protest
Another world is possible
They came to protest a world of grotesque inequality and poverty. But the leaders of the eight most powerful countries on Earth had a different concern. They wanted to show who's boss.

The battle of Genoa
"They are eight, we are 6 billion"
Plenty of fine words flowed out of the 14th-century castle in Genoa, Italy, where the leaders of the world's most powerful countries met last month. But they sent their most important message a mile away, in a small square called the Piazza Alimonda--with two gunshots that killed Carlo Giuliani. Here, Socialist Worker presents eyewitness accounts of what happened in Genoa.

David Zirin's diary of the protests
Ahmed Shawki analyzes the demonstrations
Carlo Giuliani's father speaks out in defense of his son
Berlusconi faces fury over Genoa attacks

U.S. solidarity action with Genoa protests
Take on one of us, you take on all of us!
Activists in cities across the U.S. organized protests and meetings in solidarity with the global justice demonstrations at the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy.

We hold them responsible for the violence in Genoa
G8 assassins
The Group of of Eight leaders spoke of the "tragedy" of the deadly police shooting of Carlo Giuliani during demonstrations in Genoa, Italy, last month. But these politicians all but pulled the trigger.

Bush's way or the highway
U.S. arrogance was so thick at the G8 summit in Genoa that even U.S. allies found it hard to take.

Does the market help the poor?
Before the G8 meeting in Genoa last month, George W. Bush declared that those who oppose the free market are hostile to the poor. The nerve of this guy!

Is violence necessary to win social change?
The ruling class and their media are quick to condemn acts of violence as morally wrong or "counterproductive." But Italian authorities exposed their own hypocrisy in their attacks on global justice protesters in Genoa last month.