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The new weekly Socialist Worker

August 31, 2001 | Page 3

SOCIALIST WORKER is going weekly. Starting in October, we'll give you everything you've come to expect from SW--twice as often. This is an important and exciting step for us.

There's certainly plenty to write about. Every two weeks, we cram the 16 pages of SW to the bursting point--and still have to leave out stories that need to be told and discussions that need to be had.

With the mainstream press as servile as ever to the corporate and political elite, the need for a paper like Socialist Worker is as pressing as ever. But there's more to the change that we're making.

Over the past several years, we've seen the birth of a new left--a growing layer of people who think of themselves as activists fighting for social change. Their struggles are on many fronts--from the global justice movement battling corporate globalization, to environmentalists who want to stop the destruction of our world, from a new civil rights movement fighting racism, to union activists taking on the employers' anti-labor attacks.

With the rise of this new left has come a flowering of publications--books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers--to report the news of the movement and debate our strategy and tactics. We're proud of the role that SW has played in promoting these discussions.

And with a weekly paper, we can respond that much more quickly--with the immediacy and urgency that the struggle demands. Our movement needs a socialist voice--and we want SW to meet the challenge.

But to do this, we need the help of our readers. We need reports from all the struggles that take place--in workplaces, in communities, on campuses and in every corner of this society. We need contributions that take up the questions facing our movement and debate the way forward.

Papers like SW rely on their readers--what they experience, what they think and what they plan to do about it. So in the coming weeks, you'll find SW sellers telling people about our plans for going weekly--and, of course, asking for the financial contributions to make it possible.

We hope you'll help out. And we hope you'll join in the valuable discussion that takes place in these pages. After all, Socialist Worker is your paper--and in October, it'll be your paper twice as much as before.

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