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Obituary: Pete Moore

September 28, 2001 | Page 14

PETE MOORE, a longtime member of the International Socialist Organization, died tragically in a car crash on September 16.

Pete joined the ISO in 1978, about a year after it was founded. Though he suffered from a congenital arthritic condition that eventually confined him to a wheelchair, Pete was an active member in Chicago for much of the 1980s and during the 1990s.

The 1980s were a difficult time for socialists, swimming against the stream of the conservative Reagan era. The commitment of individuals like Pete and others helped to keep the socialist tradition alive.

And it laid the basis for the ISO to grow dramatically during the 1990s--from a small group meeting in the living rooms of members like Pete to an organization of some 1,000 members today.

Earlier this year, Pete parted ways with the ISO. But he remained politically active and committed to socialism.

Our thoughts are with Pete's family and friends. A memorial service is planned for October in Chicago.

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