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September 28, 2001 | Issue 378


No to war! No to racism!
George W. Bush wants to turn your grief into a blank check for war. His message is for everyone--in Afghanistan, in the U.S. and around the globe: What we say goes. But people around the U.S. have stood up to send a message to Washington: Not in our name.

Organizing against attacks on Arabs
"We won't stand for this racism"
Acts of violence and harassment in the wake of the tragedies in New York and Washington, D.C., have sent a chill of fear through Arab and Muslim communities.

Ashcroft's attack on immigrants
"Lock them up and throw away the key" best describes Attorney General John Ashcroft's new approach to immigrants.


Politicians and generals aren't interested in justice
The mad rush to war
Handmade posters of those missing in the World Trade Center tragedy were still being posted by family and friends of the victims a week after the air attacks. But George W. Bush had a different kind of poster in mind: "Wanted: Dead or Alive."

Build the struggle against war
To listen to media and the Washington establishment, the entire country has fallen in love with George W. Bush. But thousands of people in every city across the U.S. are proving the establishment wrong.

Sacrificing for their bottom line
While people around the world mourned the victims of the September 11 attacks, big business mourned its bottom line.

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Speaking out for peace and justice
Why we say no to war and hate
Socialist Worker spoke to a number of opponents of Bush's war drive and asked them to explain why they say no to war and hate.

Opposition to Bush's war drive grows around the country
Speaking out against war
Within a week of the attacks in New York and Washington, every major city in the U.S. and many more towns and college campuses saw events of all kinds to oppose Bush's war drive and the tide of racist attacks on Arab Americans.

Galvanizing the opposition to war
Rhythm of resistance
It's necessary to look beyond the mass media to get the real picture of the state of politics in U.S. society since September 11.

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Politicians take aim at our civil liberties
The rights they want to take away
White House officials are planning sweeping new attacks on civil liberties as part of their "war on terrorism"--and almost every politician in Washington, Democrat and Republican, is going along for the ride.

Does the U.S. have evidence against Osama bin Laden?
Rush to judgment
The U.S. wasted no time before declaring Osama bin Laden as its number one suspect in the air attacks on New York and Washington. There was only one problem: Lack of evidence.

Baying for blood
Bloodcurdling quotes from the politicians and pundits.

Who's leading the war drive?
Profiles of the power brokers who are running Bush's war.

Ravings of a right-wing bigot
During a chat with fellow Christian Rightist Pat Robertson on The 700 Club, Jerry Falwell managed to blame a large part of the U.S. population for the attacks.

Land of the free?
Since the attacks, political leaders have constantly referred back to the image of the U.S. that everyone learns in grade school--that America has always been a beacon of democracy, a "shining city on a hill." But U.S. history tells a very different story.

Not in our name
Socialist Worker readers reflect on the September 11 tragedies and the U.S. government's response.

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U.S. prepares to bomb one of the world's poorest countries
How Afghanistan was bled dry
The U.S. is prepared to rain death and destruction on a country that has already been devastated by more than 20 years of military occupation and civil war.

Sharon government uses tragedy to escalate the violence
Israel's war on Palestine
Almost immediately after the attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., Israel's war against the nearly year-old Palestinian uprising took on a new ferocity.

"Israel's military is pounding my town"
I am writing to you now to the sound of Israel's "Defense Forces" pounding the living daylights out of my hometown, Ramallah.

Israel stages a "celebration"
During the days following the attacks, the TV networks couldn't stop showing footage of Palestinians in East Jerusalem celebrating the disaster in America. The footage was orchestrated by the Israeli government.

America's hidden slaughter in Iraq
The September 11 attacks took thousands of innocent lives--a horrific act of violence by any account. But United Nations (UN) sanctions against Iraq--kept in place since the 1991 Gulf War at the insistence of the U.S. government--take the lives of 5,000 children every month.

Behind U.S. military maneuvering
Return of the "great game"
The U.S. government is pursuing its own agendas and those of the major corporations that back it--and freedom, human rights and justice have nothing to do with it.

The two faces of U.S. power abroad
The "Washington consensus"--imposing U.S. economic interests around the world through "free trade" deals and structural adjustment programs--isn't suspended while the U.S. pursues its war. On the contrary, this is its military extension.

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A weekly Socialist Worker
A voice for our side
The need for a socialist newspaper--to be a voice for our side, to report on the news of our struggles and to discuss the challenges ahead --has never been greater.

Massive airline layoffs in wake of September 11 tragedy
Sacrifice for some
The $15 billion bailout for the airline industry passed by Congress in September will protect shareholders but leave 100,000 laid-off workers in the dust.

Leedham speech featured at TDU convention
Tom Leedham, reform candidate for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters presidency, was the featured speaker at the 25th annual Teamsters for a Democratic Union convention on September 21-23.

Why trade unionists should oppose the war
The air attacks of September 11 and the U.S. drive to military action suddenly placed the issue of labor's role in wartime squarely in front of unions.

Labor in Brief

Obituary: Pete Moore
Pete Moore, a longtime member of the International Socialist Organization, died tragically in a car crash on September 16.

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