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Union members oppose the war

October 12, 2001 | Page 15

In the weeks before U.S. military strikes began, a group of union activists took the first important steps toward responding to the September attacks and organizing opposition to Bush's war.

In New York, trade unionists have initiated the Labor Committee for Peace and Justice in the Middle East and have held meetings to compose a response.

"September 11 has brought indescribable suffering to New York City's working people," the statement begins. "We have lost friends, family members and coworkers of all colors, nationalities and religions…We condemn this crime against humanity and mourn those who perished…And we believe that George Bush's war is not the answer. No one should suffer what we experienced on September 11. Yet war will inevitably harm countless innocent civilians, strengthen American alliances with brutal dictatorships and deepen global poverty…"

The demands are no to war, an independent international tribunal to try those responsible for the September 11 attack, opposition to racism and the defense of civil liberties, and aid for the victims' families and displaced workers.

So far, the statement has been endorsed by several leaders, such as National Postal Mail Handlers Union Local 300 President Larry Adams, PSC/AFT Local 2334 President Barbara Bowen, CWA Local 1180 Arthur President Cheliotes, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325 President Michael Letwin, National Writers Union President Jon Tasini, as well as dozens of rank and filers.

To sign on to the statement, e-mail [email protected]

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