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Activists at CCNY say:
No witch-hunts!

By Shaun Harkin | October 19, 2001 | Page 12

OPPONENTS OF Bush's war at the City College of New York (CCNY) have become targets of a witch-hunt. But students and faculty are organizing to show that they won't be intimidated.

Calling CCNY a "breeding ground for idiots," the New York Post blasted the school's professors union, the Professional Staff Congress, for organizing a teach-in on the September 11 attacks. One of the professors who spoke, Asha Samad-Matias, has been receiving hate mail and threatening phone calls ever since the Post singled her out.

It's clear that the attacks won't stop at CCNY, either. Already, administrators at Brooklyn College have harassed members of the Third World Within Peace Action Coalition and forced an antiwar event scheduled for October 12 to be moved off campus. In Los Angeles, Jonnie Hargis, a library assistant at UCLA, was suspended without pay for five days--for the "crime" of criticizing U.S. support for Israel in an e-mail sent from one of the school's computers.

At CCNY, students and faculty say they're determined to continue with more teach-ins. Antiwar groups at other New York campuses have offered to support CCNY activists any way they can, as have union members in the newly formed Labor Against War committee. This solidarity will be needed to stop the witch-hunt of opponents of Bush's war.

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