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November 16, 2001 | Issue 384


Victim of the U.S. war
How dare Bush talk of justice
"We value life," George W. Bush declared in a speech last week in Atlanta. But not if you live in Afghanistan--where the U.S. government is using some of the most hideous weapons of mass destruction ever known and allying itself with warlords intent on looting and massacres.

Charleston Five win their fight
A victory for all labor
In a stunning victory for organized labor, the Charleston Five have been cleared of felony charges that kept them under house arrest for 20 months and could have sent them to prison for five years.


History of U.S. violence across the globe
Washington's war crimes
When George W. Bush announced that the U.S. bombing campaign against Afghanistan had begun, he declared, "We are a peaceful nation." Not exactly. Here is a partial time line of America's imperialist adventures--and the tragic toll they've taken.

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Media scrambles to give Florida recount a pro-Bush spin
Reporting on the most systematic investigation yet into the Election 2000 fiasco in Florida, the headlines of almost every newspaper declared George W. Bush "still the winner" over Al Gore. But a different verdict showed up a few paragraphs into the stories.

A step forward for the movement
The antiwar movement took a step forward this month with three regional student conferences held in Boston, Chicago and Berkeley, Calif., on November 10-11. In all, some 1,000 students and activists representing more than 125 campuses attended the meetings.

How a billionaire buffoon took NYC
After eight miserable years of Rudolph Giuliani, the question wasn't whether the next mayor of New York City would be a Democrat but which one. But on November 7, Republican billionaire Michael Bloomberg walked away with a victory in one of the nastiest and most expensive mayoral elections ever.

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Shut down the School for Assassins!
America's own terrorist camp
George W. Bush says that he wants to wipe out terrorism. If he were serious about it, he would start in his own backyard with the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Ga.

Ashcroft's plan to eavesdrop on lawyers
A new federal rule says that the Justice Department can monitor conversations between "terrorist suspects" and lawyers if the attorney general concludes that there is "reasonable suspicion" to believe that further terrorist acts will be discussed.

What they drop on Afghanistan
The Pentagon is dropping horrific weapons of mass destruction on Afghanistan: daisy cutters, cluster bombs and bunker busters, to name a few.

News from our movement
Challenging the attack on dissent
We won't be silenced. That's the urgent message that hundreds of faculty members at campuses across the U.S. are sending after attacks on free speech by supporters of George W. Bush's war.

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Why fighting corporate globalization means opposing war
Global justice and the war
The war in Afghanistan presents in concentrated form everything that the global justice movement opposes--the enforced will of the great powers on small and weak nations, while workers in advanced countries bear the brunt of a recession and a crackdown on civil liberties.

Why the U.S. won't wage a "just" war
The Bush White House doesn't even try to hide it anymore. "If Osama bin Laden was gone today, the war would continue tomorrow," press secretary Ari Fleischer declared. But at the liberal Nation magazine, the editors are still recommending a "just war."

The Red Cross exploits tragedy
You could expect Corporate America to cash in on the September 11 tragedy. But so have so-called nonprofit charity organizations.

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Laid off and left with nothing
Some of the biggest names in Corporate America are shedding workers as fast as they can. The Bush administration's solution? An "economic stimulus" package that lines the bosses' pockets–while doing next to nothing for workers.

Collapse of Enron's house of cards
One of Corporate America's highest fliers bit the dust this month. Natural gas giant Enron was bought by its much smaller rival Dynegy after a federal investigation into financial misdeeds sent the company's stock price plunging.

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Management ignores the anthrax threat
UPS puts profits first
Although most of the anthrax deaths and infections have occurred at U.S. Post Offices, any parcel company could be affected just as easily. I work at UPS, and we've yet to hear the word "anthrax" fall from the lips of our employer.

Socialists have a duty to oppose this war
As socialists, we have to expose the lies of Washington's warlords and understand their real aims. We have a duty to oppose this war--and every war waged by the U.S.

Ashcroft's war on Arab immigrants
Attorney General John Ashcroft and the FBI are waging a war right here at home--against Arab immigrants. So far, they've detained more than 1,182 mostly Arab immigrants in connection with the September 11 attacks.

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Old guard steals vote at Teamsters Local 743
"They didn't win the election--they stole it," said Richard Berg, the reform candidate for president of Teamsters Local 743, describing the results of the local election. The corrupt, old-guard slate led by Bob Walston, the current local president, won by 239 votes out of some 3,000 cast.

West Coast longshore workers face new attack
In upcoming contract negotiations, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union will be facing an all-out attack by the Pacific Maritime Association. Jack Heyman, an Executive Board member of ILWU Local 10 of San Francisco discusses the challenges the ILWU faces.

New York City Labor Against War
Michael Letwin of New York City Labor Against War spoke to Socialist Worker about mobilizing union members to oppose the U.S. war drive.

The Pacifica Foundation board may be backing out of an expected agreement that was being hailed as a victory by listener groups and employees victimized by management.

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Fight for global justice
Across the country, hundreds turned out this past weekend to protest the November 9-13 World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in Doha, Qatar.

Stop the death penalty
More than 300 people from across Texas and the country marched for a moratorium on executions. After a rally at the Capitol, demonstrators surrounded the governor's mansion with crime-scene tape.

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The lies behind the U.S. war on Iraq
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm captures the real horror and outrageous lies of the 1991 Gulf War, which rages to this day through periodic bombing raids and sanctions that have killed more than a million civilians.

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