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Protest against New York Post

By Rudolfo Leyton | December 7, 2001 | Page 10

Students from several New York City colleges and universities showed last month that they won't be intimidated by the New York Post. Close to 100 students and faculty from Columbia University, Hunter College and other schools gathered in front of the Post's offices to protest the newspaper's vicious attacks on dissent.

In October, the Post denounced an antiwar teach-in held at the City College of New York, implying that faculty who spoke at the event were pro-terrorist and calling students who attended "idiots."

Last month's demonstration was called by New York Schools Against the War, with support from the National Action Network. Protesters voiced their anger with the paper, pointing out the Post's racism and corporate bias.

One protester referred to the paper's right-wing billionaire owner Rupert Murdoch as "a cancer in the free press." Pro-war fanatics like Murdoch and his henchmen at the Post want to silence all opposition.

But antiwar activists showed that they won't be intimidated.

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