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Bush's fast-track attack

December 14, 2001 | Page 12

GEORGE W. BUSH rammed "fast track" free-trade legislation through the House of Representatives by one vote. Outrageously, he used the "war on terror" as an excuse for "trade promotion authority."

"There's no question that terrorists want to cast a shadow of fear on the businesses of America," Bush said in November. "They understand how important our businesses are to our way of life…and the more that can be disrupted, that spirit of commerce and enterprise, the more successful they think they will be."

But in defending business, Bush and Co. were willing to dispense with democracy. If approved by the Senate, the bill would give Bush the authority to negotiate deals like the Free Trade Area of the Americas without allowing Congress to revise the deal.

There's still time to derail fast track. But to be effective, the fight against free-trade deals has to expose the flag-waving and warmongering Bush used to promote fast track and the entire corporate agenda.

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