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From India to California:
Ripped off by Enron

February 15, 2002 | Pages 6 and 7

CONGRESSIONAL HEARING rooms are filling with hot air as lawmakers talk tough about Enron's collapse. But with most of official Washington implicated in the Enron scandal, don't expect the full story to get told on Capitol Hill. In this special section, Socialist Worker tells how Enron committed the crime of "grand theft energy" around the globe--and how it bought influence in Washington to get away with it.

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Squeezing superprofits out of India
Ripped off by Enron
Enron has become a household word in the U.S. over the past month. But it's been well known in India for a lot longer--as a symbol of all that's wrong with corporate globalization, privatization and the free market.

Grand theft energy in California
Last April, former Enron CEO Ken Lay dropped in on an old friend who had just landed a job in Washington. Lay had a very simple message: Don't let the federal government put limits on how much Enron can charge for electricity. Vice President Dick Cheney responded: Don't worry, Kenny Boy, we've got you covered.

Connections in Washington:
"The naked greed is staggering"
Bill Allison is managing editor for the Washington watchdog group Center for Public Integrity and co-author of The Cheating of America. Here he describes Enron's extensive connections to Washington politicians.

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