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Voices of resistance against Israel's brutality

March 8, 2002 | Issue 397

"Everything is a struggle"
Toufic Haddad is a Palestinian activist based in Ramallah, and Tikva Honig-Parnass is an Israeli activist who lives in Jerusalem. They co-edit the left-wing journal Between the Lines. Here, they talk about the struggle in Palestine in the face of Israel's escalating violence.

"The right-wingers see me as a traitor"
Asaf Oron is one of 300 Israeli soldiers who has signed a petition stating that he won't serve in the Occupied Territories. Here, we reprint excerpts from his statement.

Cut the ties to Israel's apartheid
Students for Justice in Palestine, an activist group at the University of California-Berkeley, hosted a national solidarity conference in mid-February of some 400 people. One of the main strategies coming out of the conference is a national campaign to pressure colleges and universities to divest from Israel.