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Kick this system to the curb

March 29, 2002 | Page 4

Dear Socialist Worker,

It's politics as usual here in Massachusetts. First, the legislature approved $30 million in budget cuts. Then, Governor Swift announced she is plugging the gap with other monies. Now, Swift has announced her own round of budget cuts across the board.

I work for an agency that provides services to homeless people. Eventually these cuts will trickle down to my agency and possibly my job.

This highlights the sick irony of a capitalist system: When the economy slows down, tax revenues also slow down, so the politicians respond by cutting programs that help those who are kicked to the curb by a recession.

What are we to do? Keep on fighting the system. Build unity among left and progressive movements. Only then we can kick this system to the curb.

Bruce Burleson, Boston

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