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May 24, 2002 | Issue 408


The lies behind their war
Why won't they tell the truth?
The White House is reeling from revelations that top officials had information about the September 11 attacks before they happened. But in focusing on the blunders of the government's security apparatus, Washington won't look at the questions that should be asked.

Florida girl lost in privatized system
The cost of their cuts
It took 15 months for Florida's Department of Children and Families (DCF) to discover that 5-year-old Rilya Wilson was missing from her foster home. But it took only a few minutes for Gov. Jeb Bush to blame DCF workers.

After Carter trip:
Bush ups pressure on Cuba
George W. Bush is seeing red. His administration is packed with right-wingers who were furious over former President Jimmy Carter's visit to Cuba last week, so Bush spoke out this week to assure right-wingers that the U.S. embargo won't be lifted.


Racial profiling, secret hearings and indefinite detentions
Ashcroft's war at home
The "war against terror" will last for years, says the Bush administration. And as long it does, the list of victims of the government's witch-hunt against Muslims and people of Arab descent will grow.

"Rabih Haddad is an innocent man"
Rabih Haddad has spent more five months behind bars as a victim of John Ashcroft's witch-hunt. His brother Mazen Haddad talked to Socialist Worker about Rabih's case and the fight to free him.

Socialist Worker
A tool for organizing
It's not hard to see what distinguishes Socialist Worker from a bosses' newspaper like the Chicago Tribune. Our paper takes the side of working people--and we're not ashamed to say so.

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U.S.-Russia arms treaty:
"A worthless scrap of paper"
The new arms treaty between the U.S. and Russia will "liquidate the Cold War," says George W. Bush. But the deal won't make the world any safer--and it gives Washington a free hand to replace the Cold War with a series of hot ones.

Israel's boosters try to discredit Palestinian rights activists
We won't be silenced!
Israel's supporters understand the truth behind the old saying that the best defense is a good offense. That's why they're trying to label supporters of Palestinian rights as anti-Semites.

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Bush to restart military aid to Indonesia
The thugs the U.S. arms
After 24 years of horrific occupation by Indonesia, East Timor officially achieved independence last week. But even as Bill Clinton flew in to represent the U.S. at the ceremony, Washington was preparing to restart supplying weapons and training to Indonesia's military killers.

Don't let them put Napoleon Beazley to death
Stop the Texas killing machine!
Texas is once again earning its title as the death penalty capital of the world. The state plans to cap its latest killing spree--seven executions in a 30-day period--on May 28 with the murder of Napoleon Beazley.

Tennessee ready to restart broken nuke plant
The Tennessee Valley Authority, long criticized as one of the worst polluters in the country, has come up with a new scheme: Fire up a run-down nuclear reactor.

Clearing the way for corporate polluters
Last year, the Bush administration pulled out of the Kyoto treaty. Now, Bush adviser Dr. Harlan Watson told reporters that the U.S. won't even review the treaty again until 2012.

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Strikes put pressure on Schröder for failing to deliver on promises
Workers flex their muscle
Successful strikes by members of Germany's largest industrial union and election gains by the right wing are squeezing Germany's Social Democratic-led government.

Who's to blame for the violence?
The civil war in Colombia took a sharp turn for the worse May 2 with the highest single-day civilian death toll in the war's history.

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Is Castro's Cuba a socialist society?
Many people who consider themselves radicals believe that Cuba is socialist in some way--an alternative to capitalism that may be imperfect and embattled because of the U.S. siege, but an improvement nevertheless.

They used to be "freedom fighters"
Right-wing blowhard William Bennett looked like he was ready to burst a blood vessel. Appearing on CNN's American Morning, he was hard-pressed to explain the success of Noam Chomsky's bestseller 9/11.

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Union mobilizes for May 29 rally in New York City
CWA strike threat at Verizon
Verizon workers in New York State, members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), are gearing up for a mass rally May 29 and a possible strike two days later.

Company drags its heels in negotiations with union
Teamsters at UPS authorize strike
Teamsters throughout the country voted last weekend to okay a strike at UPS by a 93 percent margin, five years after the successful strike that electrified the nation. But is Teamsters President Jim Hoffa willing to take on Big Brown?

Labor in brief
San Jose health care workers; Wheels Transportation

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News and reports
Protest George W. Bush; Justice for Palestinians

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Teachers organize against boards' loyalty oaths
"We say fight back!"
I read with interest Sarah Knopp's report from Los Angeles about the devastating budget cuts going on in schools there. One thing that caught my eye was the "loyalty oath." I had never heard of such a thing until last month, when the Washington, D.C., Board of Education tried the same thing here.

Refuseniks from Israel make their case
Contradicting the slant of the U.S. mass media, which always praise the "heroic" Israel Defense Forces, a growing number of Israeli soldiers are refusing to serve in the Occupied Territories.

Jospin's policies gave Le Pen a lift
There are two main problems with Julien Ball's letter that criticized SW's coverage of the rise of the French fascist Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Other letters
An unjust peace suits Arafat just fine; "Where's justice in my case?"; Paying tribute to Ira Kipnis

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Children caught in the conflict
Socialist Worker reviews a documentary that explores the Palestine-Israel conflict through the eyes of children from both sides--and interviews a 15-year-old Palestinian from the Dheisheh refugee camp who is featured in the film.

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