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Defend union rights in Mexico

October 11, 2002 | Page 4

Dear Socialist Worker,

This letter concerns the workers at the maquiladora of Confecciones de Monclova, a factory owned by Sara Lee in the municipality of Frontera, Coahuila, Mexico. The workers have been in an organizing drive fighting for the free election of union leaders, and have been supported by SEDEPAC, a nongovernmental support organization.

In a tactic frequently used by employers, the bosses have resorted to the use of informants. In this case, the informant was a labor lawyer who became the legal advisor of the SEDEPAC team and was able to participate in workshops and training events.

This gave him access to the names and information of workers and organizers, which he began selling--along with videotapes of meetings and activities--to Sara Lee. He also sent detailed reports naming which workers were "dangerous."

It is now feared that the workers and SEDEPAC organizers will suffer retaliation. The company's thugs have murdered and "disappeared" union organizers in the past.

We must act in solidarity with our brothers and sisters there to prevent retaliation.

Adam Meyer, Austin, Texas

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