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October 18, 2002 | Issue 426


Why we're marching
Stop Bush's war on Iraq
For George W. Bush and his gang, no lie is too outrageous to tell to gain support for their war on Iraq--and no tragedy is too awful for the White House to exploit as a justification for extending the "war on terror."

Bush and the bosses target dockworkers
An attack on all workers
Shipping bosses are aggressively using George W. Bush's intervention in the West Coast dockworkers' contract dispute to gut the union's power.


The politics of oil
While George W. Bush talks about "liberating the Iraqi people" from Saddam Hussein, the real reasons for his new war have a familiar ring. Socialist Worker shows how Washington is motivated by the drive for oil profits.

Stakes are high in West Coast dockworkers' fight
"This is class struggle"
"Make no mistake about it," said one official of the West Coast dockworkers' union at a solidarity rally last week, "the bosses and the government want to bust our union." SW looks at the issues behind this battle.

Why the "party of the people" signed a blank check for war
Will the Democrats ever fight?
So that was the best the Democrats in Congress could do? After a couple days of debate last week--interspersed with solemn press conferences to talk about their soul searching--half of the Democrats in Congress voted for a resolution that gives Bush a blank check for a new war on Iraq.

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White House pushing for years of direct military rule of Iraq
Washington's plan for an oil colony
The Bush administration plans to install a new dictator in Iraq. Only this one will be an American.

Israel's scorched-earth war
Last week, an Israeli helicopter gunship fired a missile into a crowded residential neighborhood in the Gaza town of Khan Younis, killing 16 Palestinians. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called the attack a "success"--and vowed that more such operations would follow.

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University helped Dubya bail out of Harken disaster
Bush's dirty deal with Harvard
"It's legal, but God, it smells rotten." That was the conclusion reached by Bill Coyle, an accounting expert at Babson College, after looking at the web of insider deals and accounting scams linking George W. Bush and the Harvard Management Co.

When the U.S. used germ weapons on "its own people"
Bush never tires of denouncing Saddam Hussein for using chemical and biological weapons "against his own people." But, according to Pentagon documents, the U.S. military carried out dozens of tests of these weapons on U.S. soldiers between 1962 and 1973.

The administration's anti-woman nut
W. David Hager may soon become the chair of the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) panel on women's health policy. Only problem is, Hager doesn't have a very high opinion of women.

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Is socialism against our human nature?
Of all the arguments against socialism, the most persistent is that a socialist society could never work because human nature is flawed--that people are by nature greedy, selfish and violent.

Bush gets his own "missile crisis"
Since the Bush administration announced its new doctrine of "preemption"--invading any country it chooses--they've claimed that they aren't advocating anything new. After all, they say, they're merely following in the footsteps of President Kennedy during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Taking on Boston's largest corporate cleaning service
Janitors remain confident
Striking janitors in their third week on the picket line are fighting to improve their working conditions.

Building labor's opposition to the war
More unions are opposing the U.S. war on Iraq. Last week, Service Employees International Union Local 1199 in New York opposed Bush's war drive in a full-page ad in the New York Times. This weekend, union members will attend a conference organized by New York City Labor Against War.

UC hit by two-day strike
More than 1,000 lecturers at several University of California (UC) campuses walked off the job as Socialist Worker went to press.

Obituary: Tony Mazzocchi
Tony Mazzocchi, longtime union official and founding member of the Labor Party, died at age 76.

Labor in brief
Madison Market; New York City firefighters; Los Angeles teachers

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Say no to Bush's war on Iraq
Getting the word out about October 26
Mark the date on your calendar--October 26. That's when we'll protest George W. Bush's war on Iraq from one end of the country to the other.

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New Haven closes a shelter on September 11
Kicked out in the street
How did the city of New Haven, Conn., honor the anniversary of September 11? They kicked 75 people out of a homeless shelter!

Media hypocrites let loose on dockworkers
The corporate media have always been hypocritical. But nothing has disgusted me more recently than coverage of the dockworkers' lockout.

Other letters
The Bush gang's sick war on drugs; Don't believe Cheney's lies; We have to stand up against their war

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Terror and injustice in Jim Crow South
Throughout October, PBS is showing a powerful documentary series on Jim Crow--the system of legalized segregation that was the law of the land in the American South until 1965.

Ritter takes on the lies they tell about Iraq
A former marine and a Republican who voted for Bush, Scott Ritter is an unlikely voice against a U.S. war in Iraq. But as a former UN weapons inspector, Ritter provides the inside scoop to cut through the Bush administration's lies.

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