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No more blood for oil profits
No war on Iraq

October 25, 2002 | Page 1

WE SAY no to Washington's war on Iraq! That's the message people across the country will send George W. Bush on October 26.

Buses are booked in more than 125 cities to travel to Washington, D.C., for the first national demonstration against the Iraq war drive--and organizers are hoping for a turnout of more than 100,000. On the West Coast, tens of thousands will march in San Francisco on the same day.

These demonstrations will show that, despite months of lies and hysterical pronouncements, growing numbers of people are ready to stand up against Bush's war.

At every turn, Washington's hypocrisy has been on display. Like Bush's claim that his plan for "regime change" is about "liberating" the Iraqi people. After a war in 1991 that left up to 200,000 dead, and more than a decade of economic sanctions that have killed more than 1 million, it's clear that Washington doesn't care about ordinary Iraqis.

Nor are the invasion plans about Iraq's supposed arsenal of "weapons of mass destruction." When North Korea announced last week that it has a nuclear weapons program--something even Bush admits that Iraq doesn't have--the White House didn't begin whipping up a war frenzy. Maybe that's because there's no oil in North Korea.

Bush's plan for a new war on Iraq has nothing to do with "freedom" or "making the world a safer place." It's about expanding U.S. power in the Middle East--and grabbing control of more oil profits. It's time to step up our opposition to Washington's mad drive to war.

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