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SW distorted Benjamin's views

November 8, 2002 | Page 4

Dear Socialist Worker,

I have been a subscriber to Socialist Worker and a supporter of the International Socialist Organization for a number of years. I depend on Socialist Worker to provide me with news and perspectives that I cannot get from other news sources.

However, I was disturbed to see you distort the views expressed in Medea Benjamin's recent commentary in USA Today (SW, October 25). You say that she "encourage[s] one form of U.S. military action while opposing another."

But in fact she says that "the new complication in Korea actually points out the absurdity of seeking military solutions." This is consistent with her long-time, highly visible opposition to military action.

When mainstream media distort the news, I know that I just have to see where their money comes from to know why. But when the SW does it, I have to wonder why.

Susan Bassein, Davis, Calif.

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