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January 10, 2003 | Issue 435


Raise your voice
No to Bush's war machine!
Asked about his New Year's resolutions last week, Bush had the nerve to declare: "This government will continue to lead the world toward more peace." Meanwhile, the Pentagon was preparing war, disease and starvation for Iraq.

Illinois governor under pressure to empty death row
End all executions!
Opponents of the machinery of death are hoping that they are on the verge of a tremendous victory in Illinois. Gov. George Ryan is about to announce his decision on appeals for commutations or pardons from almost all of Illinois' 160 death row prisoners.


Why you should oppose Bush's war on Iraq
Socialist Worker summarizes the reasons to oppose the Bush administration's new war against Iraq.

State governments slash spending
Victims of the budget ax
State budgets are bleeding red ink, and the "solution" of lawmakers is cuts and more cuts. But the programs and services first up on the chopping block are the ones that help the most vulnerable people in society.

The struggle continues
Tens of thousands of Argentinians marched on December 19 and 20 to mark the mass uprising a year ago that overthrew a despised government. Today, Argentina is once again headed for crucial political battles.

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White House economic plan:
"Stimulating" more money for the rich
Who do they think they're kidding? The main thing that George W. Bush's economic "stimulus" package will stimulate is the swollen bank accounts of the already superrich.

Bush raises the stakes in Korea
More than 1 million people could die in the first days of a conventional war between the U.S. and North Korea. But that hasn't stopped the Bush administration from bringing the threat of that horrific war ever closer.

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Right to choose back at the top of Republican hit list
Anti-abortion fanatics on the offensive
With the GOP in control of both the House and Senate, anti-choice politicians are gearing up when Congress convenes for a major assault on women's right to choose.

MIT investigates whether tests were faked
Bush's Star Wars fraud
Just days after George W. Bush announced an acceleration of the Pentagon's missile defense system, a leading university said that it was investigating whether "Star Wars" was a fraud.

UN accuses Afghan warlord
When the U.S. loves a torturer
A U.S.-backed warlord of the Northern Alliance is being investigated by the UN for ordering several witnesses to his war crimes to be jailed and tortured.

Can Ashcroft stoop any lower?
If you thought that John Ashcroft's Justice Department couldn't sink any lower, guess again.

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Why the U.S. isn't a classless society
U.S. citizens have long been force-fed garbage about this country being a land where there are no class divisions, where everyone is "middle class." These ideas come under severe strain whenever economic crisis begins to stalk us.

Why labor should oppose war
Although many labor leaders argue that U.S. foreign policy is of no concern to union members, some labor leaders and rank-and-file members are now proving them wrong.

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Dockworker activist analyzes West Coast proposal
ILWU contract is no "victory"
Did dockworkers win a contract victory despite having to negotiate under the gun--George W. Bush's imposition of the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act? SW reprints excerpts from an analysis by Jack Heyman, a business agent for International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10.

Labor in brief
Graphic Packaging; Domino Sugar

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Say no to Bush's war on Iraq
No to the INS's racist detentions
Stop these racist detentions! That's the demand of antiwar activists organizing actions across the country against the federal government's roundup of hundreds of Arab and Muslim men and boys in Southern California.

Stop sweatshop labor
Last month, more than 500 protesters gathered for a candlelight vigil in the rain at Niketown in New York to protest the use of sweatshop labor.

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"A tale of two cities" for women in the U.S. capital
Left out in Washington
With powerful women such as new House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and National Security Council Advisor Condoleezza Rice making headlines, some may have forgotten what life is really like for women who live here.

Corporate media backs the bosses over TWU
One lesson that the recent transit workers' struggle in New York City taught us is that the business-owned newspapers, from the New York Post to the New York Times, are on the side of the wealthy.

Other letters
Why Oregon human rights day is hollow; Students protest the war recruiters; The U.S.'s lopsided priorities

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Martin Scorcese's Gangs of New York
A whitewash of epic proportions
The events of the first week of July 1863--from the Civil War battle of Gettysburg to the New York City draft riots days later--should be the ideal subject for an epic film. But Martin Scorsese's ultra-hyped Gangs of New York is a failure.

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