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March 7, 2003 | Issue 443


Wanted for conspiracy to commit mass murder
More than 10 million Iraqis will be killed, injured, displaced or traumatized by the looming U.S. war, according to the UN. But the White House isn't slowing down its war drive for even a moment.

State governments slash budgets
Thrown to the wolves
States are facing their worst fiscal crisis since the Second World War. But when the nation's governors requested emergency help from the federal government, George W. Bush had a simple message: No.

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Howard Zinn on...
A people's history of antiwar protest
There is a long and rich history, hidden from us most of the time, of people in the U.S. standing up against war. Here, Socialist Worker reprints excerpts from a new book by Howard Zinn that collects those voices against war.

The victims of DU
Bush never fails to talk about Saddam Hussein's use of chemical weapons. But during the 1991 Gulf War, Bush's father didn't hesitate to use a weapon that is still wrecking lives--on both sides.

Hangover from the 1990s boom still plagues the economy
Return of the jobless recovery?
After a year of treading water, is the economy about to go under again? Growth for the fourth quarter of last year was only 1.4 percent--twice the original estimate of 0.7 percent, but still far below what is needed for job growth.

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Twisting arms and cutting deals
Washington's power politics
Vote again until you get it right. That was the message from Washington last weekend after Turkey's parliament voted against allowing some 62,000 U.S. troops into the country as part of the plan for invading Iraq.

Israel's ethnic cleansers in power
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has long been on the far right of Israeli politics. But you have to consider him a moderate in the new government that he formed last week.

Reviving the fighting spirit of International Women's Day
"Organized, we are a mighty force"
March 8 is International Women's Day. And with George W. Bush dead set on a slaughter in Iraq, this socialist holiday that stands for internationalism and opposition to war has never been more timely.

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CIA spy plane crash shows how the U.S. is...
Stoking a dirty war in Colombia
With Washington gearing up for a new slaughter in Iraq, the crash of an apparent U.S. spy plane in Colombia last month shows how far the "war on terror" has expanded.

Setback for the Texas execution machine
A racist system exposed
The U.S. Supreme Court voted 8 to 1 last week to give an African American death row prisoner in Texas a new chance to show that prosecutors stacked his jury with whites.

Top cops caught in S.F. cover-up
A grand jury in San Francisco has indicted the entire command staff of the city's police department for conspiring to obstruct an investigation into police brutality.

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A real cure for the crisis in health care
Doctors have been walking picket lines from New Jersey to Illinois in recent months, striking against soaring medical malpractice costs. They have good reason to be angry, but they are shaking their fists in the wrong direction.

Obey the U.S.--or pay the price
The practice of the conqueror blaming the conquered for the casualties inflicted on them is as old as conquest itself.

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Labor leaders discuss response to Bush's attacks
AFL-CIO criticizes war
Breaking with more than a half-century of uncritical support for U.S. foreign policy, the AFL-CIO Executive Council passed a resolution sharply criticizing the U.S. war drive against Iraq.

Yale workers on strike
About 5,000 workers at Yale University walked out March 3, the first day of a planned five-day strike.

Labor in brief
New York budget cuts; Broadway musicians; Cintas; Portland, Ore., teachers; Federal workers; Airport screeners; University of California

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Getting ready to send a message
Antiwar activists are preparing for protests across the country if the U.S. starts a war on Iraq. Every campus and city should make plans now for an emergency response.

CUNY budget cuts
About 1,500 people rallied at City Hall last week to protest budget cuts and a tuition increase for City University of New York students.

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Anti-choice bigots on the offensive in Virginia
Defend abortion rights
The Virginia State General Assembly is off its rocker. Anti-abortion bigots have managed to push through a wave of attacks on abortion rights, ultimately aimed at eliminating the right to choose in Virginia.

Why mass actions are key to stopping war
The worldwide protests on February 15 and 16 represented a major step forward for the antiwar movement.

Letters to the editor
Marching in Israel against Bush's war; Get organized against the war; Boeing cut corners for profit

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Comic strip takes on the "war on terrorism"
Bush gets his war on
Shortly after September 11, David Rees began posting his "Get Your War On" comic strips on his Web site. Now a collection of Rees' comics is available in a book. Here, SW talked to Rees about "Get Your War On."

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