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March 14, 2003 | Issue 444


Hell-bent on a war on Iraq
And he doesn't care how many die
They just don't care. That's the truth about the Bush gang and their hell-bent drive for a war on Iraq.

White House's "reform" scheme
They're out to gut Medicare
Bush has an offer for the HMO bosses who ditched 2 million Medicare recipients in recent years: Come back--and we'll guarantee your profits at the expense of seniors.

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An SW roundtable
How can we stop their wars?
What will it take to stop this war? That's the question on the minds of millions of people. Here, Socialist Worker talks to veterans of past antiwar struggles about the challenges that our movement must face today.

When revolution put an end to a war
The outbreak of the First World War plunged the world into a horrific convulsion of violence. But in a very brief period, hunger and death, mass support for the war was transformed into its opposite.

A war on Arabs and Muslims
John Ashcroft's racist hysteria
The Bush administration's homeland insecurity trio was whipping up a Code Red anti-immigrant frenzy last week when they crowed about their "accomplishments" at Congressional hearings.

Patriotism doesn't make the antiwar movement stronger
Refuge of scoundrels
Some antiwar protesters, eager to avoid being labeled "anti-American," carry the American flag or placards with slogans like "Peace is Patriotic." The antiwar movement will be stronger, however, if it rejects patriotism altogether.

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The Bush gang will stop at nothing to get its war on Iraq
The real rogue state
Lies, spies, bashing and bribes. That's how Bush is preparing to launch a horrific U.S. war on Iraq--with or without the approval of the UN.

The truth about the "war on terror"
If Bush wants to get to the heart of the "terrorist threat," he should follow the trail left by the U.S. government itself.

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Justices okay cruel law
The Supreme Court's three strikes crime
Steal three golf clubs. Go to prison for life. That's the reality of the California "three strikes and you're out" sentencing law. And last week, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld this sick law in a 5-4 decision.

U.S. dirty tricks exposed
Spying on the Security Council
To gain maximum advantage as the UN deliberates a resolution authorizing a war on Iraq, the U.S. National Security Agency issued a memo directing senior agents to spy on UN Security Council members.

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Why Washington is to blame
Behind the crisis with North Korea
As horrific as a new Iraq war will be, the human cost of a war in Korea could be even higher. That's the grim truth behind the latest war threats between North Korea and the U.S.

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Can a stronger UN stop the war?
Bush has called on the UN Security Council to endorse his war plans and, in the next breath, said if it didn't, the U.S. would go to war anyway. So if he goes to war without its approval, will this make the UN "irrelevant."

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Actors and stage crews honor musicians' picket lines
Broadway is on strike!
Broadway producers from the League of American Theaters and Producers were stunned March 7 when the American Federation of Musicians Local 802 set up picket lines at 17 Broadway musicals.

"Yale is a scene of solidarity"
More than 3,000 Yale workers walked off the job last week, demanding fair contracts and union recognition.

On the picket line
Portland, Ore., teachers; Washington Jefferson Hotel; Chicago teachers; Labor Committee for Peace and Justice; Washington teachers; United Food and Commercial Workers

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Arrested at the mall...for wearing an antiwar T-shirt
"I wanted to show I was for peace"
Stephen Downs was arrested for wearing an antiwar T-shirt at an Albany, N.Y., shopping mall. He talked to SW about his action.

Tens of thousands involved in March 5 protests
Students take action
"We'll probably get a Saturday detention and maybe lose some class credit," said one high school student. "But if this war happens, a lot of people are going to lose their lives. There's no contest between the two."

Defend civil liberties
Palestinian activist Farouk Abdel-Muhti, held in prison since last April solely on a years-old deportation order, has been moved far from his lawyers to a maximum-security prison in York, Pa.

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Even immigrants with legal status are fleeing
Refugees from the INS
Today, I drove a Pakistani family to our local mall to find warm winter coats for their next home in Montreal. This family is among the more than 1,000 Pakistanis fleeing the U.S. to escape harassment under the newly established National Security Entry-Exit Registration System.

Obituary: Christopher Hill
The British historian Christopher Hill, the leading Marxist historian of his generation, died last month at the age of 91.

Letters to the editor
Rich getting richer off the backs of the poor; Yes to education, not incarceration; Pentagon hacks get an earful; SF supervisor gets his own "welfare"

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Ludicrous story line makes David Gale
An insult to abolitionists
More than 100 death row inmates have been exonerated and state moratoriums on executions have been won. But you'd never know this to watch The Life of David Gale.

Self-defense and the civil rights struggle
On June 21, 1964, three civil rights activists were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi. These and other attacks led many in the movement to question the principle of nonviolence.

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