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April 25, 2003 | Issue 450


The brutal face of U.S. occupation exposed
Bush's oil colony
Not even two weeks ago, Washington's war makers declared victory in Iraq. But already, the real face of the U.S. occupation of Iraq has begun to emerge. Destruction. Hunger. Suffering. Death.

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"The army of 'liberation' has already become...
An army of occupation
"I actually think things are going reasonably well." That was the verdict of a U.S. officer in the Iraqi city of Mosul last week--after U.S. Marines opened fire on a crowd of thousands of protesting Iraqi civilians.

Resistance to U.S. occupation takes shape across Iraq
"Leave our country"
Days after U.S. officials staged a "council" of stooges, crooks and puppets hoping to be the new leaders of Iraq, an estimated 30,000 people took to the streets of Baghdad to oppose the U.S. occupation.

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The history of Washington's occupations
Under Uncle Sam's thumb
Socialist Worker looks at the occupations Washington has dressed up with rhetoric about "democracy"--from Latin America, to postwar Japan and Germany, to Iraq today.

Washington makes it clear who will call the shots in Iraq
Puppets and their masters
Chaos reigned in Baghdad. But the Bush administration had other business last week--making it clear that Washington will call the shots in Iraq for decades to come, and threatening more wars against newly trumped-up enemies.

The Bush agenda in the Middle East
The Bush administration's hawks believe that the U.S. should use pre-emptive military action to curb all challenges, even in the face of objections from traditional allies or international bodies like the United Nations.

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Before Saddam fell from favor
The U.S. may be indifferent to the sacking of thousands of years of Iraqi history in museums and libraries, but they're actively trying to erase some more recent history--the history of U.S. collaboration with Saddam Hussein.

Garner says Bush would have won Vietnam
Iraq's colonial overseer
Jay Garner, the retired general who will be Iraq's new colonial overseer, believes that "if President Bush had been president, we would have won" the Vietnam War.

Leaving behind a DU mess
Pentagon officials announced earlier this month that there are no plans to remove the leftover debris from depleted uranium weapons used in Iraq.

Military families scramble to get by
While U.S. soldiers occupy Iraq for oil and empire, some of their families are struggling to put food on the table.

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Airline unions agree to pay cuts while...
Bosses line their pockets
Enron is gone, but the great CEO looting spree is still going strong--and airline bosses are leading the way.

The economy that war didn't fix
A quick end to the war was supposed to boost the U.S. economy, and and the stock market has risen 10 percent since mid-March. But surface developments mask underlying weaknesses so glaring that even mainstream economists are taking note.

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Budget cuts will slash services and thousands of jobs
NYC's Bloomberg targets workers and the poor
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the world's 63rd wealthiest individual with a personal fortune of $4.8 billion, is demanding that children, the elderly, the sick and city workers pay for New York's $3.8 billion budget deficit.

Labor in brief
SEIU Local 32BJ; Stop Bush's attack on overtime benefits

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Say no to Bush's war on Iraq
As the U.S.'s brutal war on Iraq moves on to a brutal occupation, antiwar activists around the country are coming together to discuss strategies for maintaining opposition.

Stop attacks on gays and lesbians
About 75 students held a silent protest of anti-gay bigot Rev. Fred Phelps, who came to "celebrate" the defeat of the state's domestic partnership legislation.

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Threatened layoffs used to get parents' donations
Our schools under fire
I have been reading about the ongoing state budget crises in the paper, and I wanted to share my personal experience.

What tactics will help our movement grow?
Anonymous Aaron's letter ("Where is Socialist Worker's solidarity?" April 11) is way off the mark in attacking SW's editorial on civil disobedience.

Other letters
Treated like dirt after the war; The power of solidarity; Spies at the UN; Is affirmative action fair?; Australia is against this war; The real dictator; A cheap laugh

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A new collection of essays by Arundhati Roy
Laying siege to empire
These days, the political spectrum in the corporate media ranges from completely mad to raving mad. A new book from writer and activist Arundhati Roy would be welcome at any time, but it is particularly so now.

A chill wind at baseball's Hall of Fame
A planned celebration at the Baseball Hall of Fame of the 15th anniversary of the 1988 film Bull Durham, starring Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, was canceled--because of the stars' well-known antiwar views.

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