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May 9, 2003 | Issue 452


Iraqi protesters shot down by U.S. ''liberators''
The new dictator of Iraq
Iraqis gathered in the town of Falluja last week to exercise their right to free speech. And they were gunned down by their U.S. "liberators"--not once, but twice.

Latest victims of John Ashcroft's racist witch-hunt
Disappeared in America
Maher "Mike" Hawash disappeared on March 20, and only the federal government knows why. And they don't want to talk about it.


Why you should be a socialist
The cities and towns of Iraq, devastated by war. Whole regions of Africa plagued by famine. New announcements of layoffs at U.S. corporations where CEOs still rake in millions. The cruelties of this system aren't hard to see. But is there an alternative?

Bush and his corporate pals rob Iraq
The cronyest capitalists in the world
As details of the plans for postwar Iraq emerge, they give new meaning to the phrase "It's who you know that counts."

The political force that Washington fears in postwar Iraq
Who are the Shias?
With Shiite clerics the de facto political authority in parts of Iraq, Washington is using the supposed threat of a Shiite dictatorship to justify a crackdown on any resistance to U.S. rule.


Bush oozes arrogance as he celebrates victory in Iraq
The harder they fall
Bush is using his Top Gun image to project himself as a wartime leader beyond challenge both abroad and at home. But his arrogance is fueling generalized bitterness and anger.

A road map that leads nowhere
The long-awaited "road map" to Middle East peace was published last week--and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is smiling.


Sick consequences of the budget crisis in Oregon
Giving blood to pay for schools
Parents and teachers at an alternative school in Eugene, Ore., are planning to sell their blood plasma to raise money. That's how desperate the school crisis is in parts of the U.S.

Bush offers no help for the jobless
The U.S. unemployment rate jumped to 6 percent in April with the loss of another 48,000 jobs nationwide, the 33rd consecutive monthly decline.

Real story of Jessica Lynch
How they made up a "heroic" rescue
The rescue of Private Jessica Lynch from an Iraqi hospital was trumpeted as a masterful Special Ops plan. But the real story bears little resemblance to this Hollywood version.

More Black children in extreme poverty
The Bush administration claims that it will "leave no child behind." But according to a new study, more and more Black children are being left behind--in dismal, crushing poverty.

Racist cop charged with lying in Tulia
The narcotics cop responsible for the arrest of 46 people in Tulia, Texas, is a liar. That's the argument of prosecutors filing felony perjury charges against him.


No concession to the U.S. occupation
The U.S. occupation of Iraq has thrown at least some antiwar activists and organizations into confusion. There are a series of questions about the nature of the occupation--and objections to calls for an end to it.

Are Democrats the answer to Bush?
Liberal and progressive voices are sounding the alarm over what they see as impending disaster if George W. Bush is re-elected.


Rally draws 30,000, but union leaders have no strategy
Can NYC labor stop cuts?
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg threw 3,000 city workers out of work on May 2, just days after 30,000 rallied outside City Hall to protest budget cuts and layoffs.

Labor in brief
Trucking rules; D.C. janitors; ILWU convention; Dial Corp.; Boston budget cuts; San Francisco budget cuts; University of Calif.-Davis Medical Center


Say no to Bush's war on Iraq
More than 1,000 people protested May 2 outside United Defense Technologies in Santa Clara, Calif., while inside George W. Bush shot down imaginary enemy planes as part of a war game.

Other reports
N.C. senate passes moratorium bill; No cuts to veterans' benefits


San Francisco officials won't punish brutality
Covering up for cops
One has to wonder what kind of world we're living in when a man has to call 911 to save himself from the police.

We'll fight back against their school cuts
I recently read Dana Blanchard's letter about the attacks on schools in Manhattan Beach, Calif. I am writing to share another story of "the seeds of discontent" here in San Francisco.

Other letters
A hollow promise of U.S. "freedom"; How will we stop wars; George Bush is the real brute and bully


Bend It Like Beckham's antiracist message
Not your typical feel-good movie
"Anyone can cook aloo ghobi; who can bend a ball like Beckham?" Jess Bhamra, daughter of an Indian Sikh family in Britain moans about her fate in Bend It Like Beckham.

Where the Pentagon trains terrorists
In January 2001, Congress shut down the biggest terrorist training camp in the country--the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Ga. But the camp reopened the next day under a more innocuous name.

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