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July 11, 2003 | Issue 460


Nine million out of work...
And Bush doesn't care
It's the longest period of job losses since the Great Depression of the 1930s. And it's getting worse.

Growing Iraqi resistance to American rule
End the occupation now!
U.S. soldiers are beginning to pay the price for the crimes of Washington's warlords--with attacks on American troops averaging more than a dozen each day.


A roundtable discussion at Socialism 2003
The Middle East after the Iraq war
The Bush gang has made no secret of their plan to remake the Middle East--in whatever image they and their pals in Corporate America choose. Naseer Aruri, Rania Masri and Lance Selfa look at what lies ahead.

The real record of the last Democrat in the White House
The broken promises of Bill Clinton
When Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992, many people hoped he would bring real change after 12 years of Republicans in the White House. But over the next eight years, Clinton left behind a trail of broken promises.


Washington's war on workers stokes growing discontent
What can stop Bush?
Every week, the Bush administration launches more assaults in its one-sided class war. How is the White House getting away with this--and what will it take to stop them?


Budget-cutting governor targeted by Republican right
What's at stake in California recall?
California Gov. Gray Davis will almost certainly face a virtually unprecedented statewide recall vote sometime in the coming months, highlighting the crisis in California politics.

Bush wants to protect Colombian pipeline
Putting oil profits first
The Bush administration is requesting up to $147 million in military aid for Colombia--not to battle the drug trade, but to protect a private oil pipeline.

Strong-armed by Washington
Washington has cut off military aid to 35 "friendly" countries that refused to agree to exempt U.S. soldiers from the jurisdiction of the new International Criminal Court.

Behind bars in the land of the free
Land of the free? Not exactly. According to Justice Department the U.S. boasts a higher percentage of citizens behind bars than any other country in the world.

Promised funding for AIDS vanishes
What happened to the $15 billion that George W. Bush promised earlier this year to fight the spread of AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean?


How Washington set the stage for war
What's behind Liberia's crisis
The more involved the U.S. becomes in crisis-wracked Africa, the clearer it is that Washington isn't the solution--but bears responsibility for the civil wars and social catastrophes across the continent.

Mass protests shake Hong Kong's rulers
Half a million demonstrators forced Hong Kong chief executive Tung Chee-hwa to back off on submitting a new law to impose major restrictions on civil liberties.


Neither a liberal nor a maverick
Howard Dean has packaged himself as a "maverick," blasting the Democrats for running away from a fight against Bush. Yet striking a confrontational pose isn't the same thing as actually supporting programs to benefit working people.


CWA and IBEW need to prepare their members for a fight
Verizon wants more cuts
As the contract expiration nears, Verizon has gone on the offensive to demand major givebacks from its employees. Unfortunately, the unions' sluggish mobilizations and declining militancy spell trouble for their memberships.

On the picket line
Congress Hotel; Coca-Cola bottling


News and reports
Stop Bush's wars at home and abroad; Defend Puerto Rican activists


Ugly reality waiting for the soldiers they recruit
No to war and racism
Urban neighborhoods nationwide are feeling the economic destruction dealt by "President-select" Bush. It's the perfect time for recruiting--and the nation's young and poor are falling prey to the Armed Forces' lies

Letters to the editor
An actor and a film that still inspires us; Martha is small potatoes; Labor's struggle at home and abroad

Obituary: Tyree Scott
Tyree Scott, an African American worker and community activist in Washington state, has died at the age of 63 after a protracted and courageous battle with prostate cancer.


Exposing the injustice of the death penalty
Gambling with life and death
Anyone reading Mike Gray's new book The Death Game who does not believe that our criminal justice system is a mess will have a hard time keeping that point of view.

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