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August 8, 2003 | Issue 463


Pentagon bets on terror
The sick men who run this country
Is the Bush gang as cynical and bloodthirsty as we thought? You bet your life. Which, by the way, is what the Pentagon had planned.

Bosses out to break union power
Big stakes at Verizon
Some 78,000 union workers at Verizon could strike at any time as contract negotiations extended past an August 3 deadline.


Case for war crumbles
Lies that paved the road to war
Week by week, the Bush administration's case for its bloody war on Iraq is crumbling--proving that the antiwar movement was right all along.

Mike Marqusee: "Pressure from below exposed the lies"

Behind the Verizon showdown
A battle over union power
The contract showdown for 78,000 union workers at telecommunications giant Verizon will have a enormous impact on the future unions in that industry--and the labor movement as a whole.

Are ordinary people in the U.S. to blame for world poverty?
Do we consume too much?
It's a commonly held belief that we could go a long way to ending world hunger, poverty and pollution if Americans would stop consuming so much. But this lets the real culprits off the hook.


Bush leads the way in spewing bigotry against gays and lesbians
Hypocrites on the loose
The right-wing hypocrites in Washington are frothing at the mouth about same-sex marriage--and George W. Bush is leading the way.

No economic recovery for workers
Maybe the economy is moving in the "right direction" for Corporate America. But for U.S. workers--still suffering through new rounds of layoffs, record long-term joblessness and falling real wages and benefits--it's hard to see any movement at all.


Politicians jockey for position before October 7 election
The California recall circus
The recall election circus in California got even wilder as an August 9 deadline for candidates to get on the ballot approached.

Paying the price for Davis' budget deal
Myron Gee is taking a second job to try to pay for his son's education at the University of California-Berkeley. That's the direct result of the budget deal that Gov. Gray Davis made with Republican and Democratic lawmakers at the end of July.

Questions left unanswered
Lynching in a Florida town?
Many people in Belle Glade, Fla. are asking whether Feraris "Ray" Golden was lynched--even after local officials ruled that his death was a suicide.

Another gift for the oil boys
George W. Bush is getting ready to reward his rich oil buddies yet again--this time by approving a $1.6 billion natural gas project in Peru.


Ready to lie and kill for U.S. power
The Pentagon scrapped a plan for online futures market trading on acts of terrorism that was set to be launched August 1. The brass also scrapped the program's key architect, former Contragate crook Adm. John Poindexter.

How the capitalist system was born
The violent wrenching of millions of peasants off the land was a necessary condition for the development of wage labor--which is the essential condition of modern capitalism.


Will union leaders trade jobs for health care?
UAW at the crossroads
Leave our health care coverage alone--and we'll help you eliminate tens of thousands of good-paying jobs. That's the deal that United Auto Workers leaders are seeking in negotiations with the Big Three automakers.

On the picket line
San Francisco janitors; Congress Hotel; Peet's Coffee and Tea; Graniterock; Boycott Coca-Cola


Activists face up to 20 years in jail
Defend the Vieques 12!
The federal government is trying to take its revenge on the movement that drove the U.S. Navy off its base on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques.

News and reports
Justice for the Palestinians


Calvin Washington died because of the NYPD
Police on the rampage
For the third time in two months, an innocent New Yorker has fallen victim to hasty, goon-like actions of the New York City Police Department.

Organizing to stop a Nazi in New Jersey
A small town in rural New Jersey was shocked when a man appointed to the town council was revealed to be a member of the neo-Nazi Nazi National Alliance.

Other letters
Socialists need to support Kucinich; Socialist Worker shows how to fight; Paying for Bush's campaigning; Organize for strikes, not for Democrats


New movie thriller Dirty Pretty Things
"The people you don't see"
Dirty Pretty Things is one of those rare movies that treats those who are oppressed and exploited by the system not simply like victims but as heroic subjects.

A resource in the struggle against AIDS
Global AIDS: Myths and Facts sets out to destroy a number of the myths that politicians have weaved about AIDS.

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