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September 12, 2003 | Issue 467


End the occupation
Bring them home now!
Worsening violence in Iraq, bitterness and discontent among U.S. soldiers and the ever-increasing price tag of the occupation have exposed the Bush administration's lies.

2.7 million jobs gone under Bush
A "job-loss" recovery
The Labor Department reported that payrolls across the U.S. economy decreased by 93,000 in August--the seventh consecutive month of declines.


A stand against corporate greed in a Wisconsin town
Taking on Tyson
For more than six months, workers and community members in Jefferson, Wis., have stood up to the corporate greed of Tyson Foods. Socialist Worker talks to strikers and their supporters about their struggle for justice.

Medea Benjamin back from Baghdad:
"Iraqis sense they've lost their country"
Global Exchange cofounder Medea Benjamin recently returned from a delegation to Iraq to establish an Occupation Watch Center. She talked to SW about conditions under U.S. rule.

Liberals pin hopes on Dean
Does this man really deserve your vote?
For many progressives, Howard Dean is seen as the realistic choice in the 2004 presidential election. But dig a little deeper into what Dean stands for, and activists will find a different story.

Thirty years after the coup that toppled a left-wing government
Chile's tragedy
This week marks 30 years since Gen. Augusto Pinochet--backed to the hilt by the U.S.--led a military coup to overthrow Chile's democratically elected left-wing government.


Administration reeling as the occupation of Iraq unravels
Is Bush on the run?
Casualties in Iraq are mounting, presidential approval ratings are falling, and jobs just keep on disappearing. Is George W. Bush's presidency starting to fall apart?


How the Enviromental Protection Agency lied about...
Toxic hazards at Ground Zero
Revelations about how the Environmental Protection Agency lied about air safety around Ground Zero shows the contempt that Bush and his pals have for ordinary people.

Report exposes Cheney's energy task force
Crooks write the laws
Its official. The corporate crooks of the energy industry helped the political crooks of the Bush administration write energy policies for the U.S. government.

Leaving poor families behind
More than 100,000 low-income families could be thrown out on the street next year under a spending bill passed by a Senate committee and recently approved by the House.

Student activist shot in West Bank
Another solidarity activist from the U.S. got caught in the crosshairs of Israel's savage crackdown on Palestinians last month.

Bush's handouts to corporate polluters
The Bush administration used the late summer lull of press attention in Washington to stuff more money in Corporate America's pockets by gutting environmental regulations.


Abbas resignation throws U.S. "peace" plan into disarray
Israel tears up road map
The resignation of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas last week dealt a devastating blow to the U.S.-backed "peace plan" trotted out four short months ago.


Time to take the presidential quiz
Test your knowledge of U.S. party politics with this short quiz. Some of the answers may surprise you.

Alienation in capitalist society
The term "alienation" in normal usage refers to a feeling of separateness--of being alone and apart from others. But for Karl Marx, alienation was an economic and social condition of capitalist society.


Contract heads to a vote
What's wrong with the deal at Verizon?
Union leaders are calling the tentative agreement at telephone giant Verizon a "great victory." But seemingly small concessions in the contract contain time bombs that open the door to layoffs, lower pay and reduced benefits.

Thousands expected for Spetember 13 solidarity rally
Strikers at Yale fight on
Following the second week of a strike that began August 27, about 2,500 office, dining hall and maintenance workers are continuing to pressure Yale University.

Teachers' unions battle cutbacks across the U.S.
Teachers in the country's three largest school districts began the year without union contracts. Here, teachers from around the U.S. report on the battle to rebuild fighting unions.

On the picket line
Hexcel; Long Island University faculty


Antiwar groups reforming
Student activists build the fight
With the occupation of Iraq in full swing, many activists are stepping up the fight to build opposition in the U.S.


What the Republican right really looks like
Unfair and unbalanced
There's nothing right-wing Republicans hate more than being challenged. And there are few people more devoted to this noble cause than writer-comedian Al Franken.

Baseball's ugly secret in Latin America
In an industry where revenues exceed $3.5 billion annually, it's hard to imagine the brutal reality for thousands of Latin American boys in their quest to reach "las Grandes Ligas."

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