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November 21, 2003 | Page 14

Shut down the FTAA
By Paul Grohman

NEW YORK--More than 200 people packed Walker Stage for an exciting multicultural party November 14 billed as "The FTAA Shut 'Em Down Party." Proceeds went to help send activists from the New York City area to Miami for the protests at the ministerial meeting of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

The party was sponsored by United for Peace and Justice and the New York City Indy Media Center. Speakers included a young Pakistani immigrant who spoke of how the police burst into her house, taking her husband away without any warrant or specific charge against him. When she asked what was going on, the police just told her that it was none of her business, and to watch out or she would be arrested too. "You just don't really know as an American, how bad it is until you experience it," she told the crowd.

Bobby Khan of the Coney Island Project, an organization that works to help immigrants, said, "Unfortunately we have to remind Bush that we as a people will not stand for what he's doing, and make him realize that we are not going away."

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