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January 9, 2004 | Issue 481


Wall Street toasts good times, while workers are...
Left out in the cold
Millions upon millions of U.S. workers who keep hearing from the media that the economic recovery is "steaming ahead"--but don't see anything other than tough times for themselves.

Cheney's Halliburton paves the way for...
Corporate America's invasion of Iraq
Vice President Dick Cheney's old corporate stomping ground has been under fire for grabbing sweetheart contracts in the occupation of Iraq. But apparently Halliburton isn't satisfied.


Interview with author Sheldon Rampton
Mad Cow USA
The cattle barons insist that beef is safe and that the system is working just as it should. But the truth is that the system is set up to protect their profits above all else.

Father of a U.S. Marine killed in Iraq:
"We can become a voice for change"
Fernando Suarez Del Solar, the father of one of the first U.S. troops to be killed in Iraq, recently traveled to Iraq with other military families for a firsthand look at the consequences of occupation.

The story of the Enola Gay that they won't put on exhibit
Sanitized history of an atrocity
The Smithsonian Institution's display of the Enola Gay, the plane used by the U.S. to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, makes a mockery of history and comes close to celebrating the bomb.


The "party of working people" that puts big business first
Why the Democrats are not our party
Standing up to George W. Bush. This, we're told, is the main reason for voting for the Democratic candidate for president in 2004. But "standing up" clearly means different things to different people.

Washington hawks' new plan for war
Seek "regime change" in Syria and Iran, risk a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula--and punish France while you're at it. That's the latest advice from two of Washington leading "hawks."


Locked up in the Bush administration's "war on terror"
His "crime" was to help desperate Iraqis
Dr. Rafil Dhafir has spent over nine months in various prisons because of his work with the U.S.-based charity organization Help the Needy.

Bush's FCC approves News Corp. buyout
Murdoch's grip tightens
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is getting ready to tighten his already powerful grip on what you see and hear, thanks to his buddies in Washington D.C.

Jeb Bush opens a faith-based jail
On Christmas Eve, Gov. Jeb Bush gave Florida's religious right a generous gift--the nation's first-ever faith-based prison.


Women's rights on paper only
Afghanistan's sham of a constitution
As Afghan leaders approved a new constitution, the U.S. media hailed a "new era of democracy" in Afghanistan. But there's very little democratic about life in the "new" Afghanistan.


Grocery strikers speak out in Southern California
UFCW workers say: "We need action!"
SW talks to three striking grocery workers about the issues of the struggle, the growing restlessness over their union leadership's conduct of the strike--and how to take it forward.

Oyster Bar strikers stand strong in NYC
The striking workers at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station have maintained their vigilance against the restaurant bosses.

On the picket line
Sterling Laundry; Borders


After Miami FTAA protests...
Judge denounces police crackdown
"A disgrace for the community." That's how a Florida circuit judge described police conduct at demonstrations against the Free Trade Area of the Americas summit in Miami.

News of our struggle
Stop the war in Iraq; Chicago Social Forum; Protest the Republican National Convention


Saddam Hussein's arrest won't bring democracy
Washington hypocrites
The Bush administration is trying to portray Saddam's capture as a sign of victory and the confirmation that the attack on Iraq had a noble purpose--namely, the installment of a democracy in Iraq.

Letters to the editor
Unite and fight against these cruel cuts; A challenge to Corporate America; SW was wrong on the Zapatistas; Death penalty for the worst lawyer


Hollywood lies about the Civil War
Knee deep on Cold Mountain
Cold Mountain is about the horrors of war, and how war separates people from the ones they love. The problem is when this theme is applied to the American Civil War.

Personal accounts of Palestine's resistance
Live from Palestine is a collection of writings by international activists who traveled to Palestine in support of the anti-occupation struggle, as well as Palestinian members of the nonviolent resistance movement.

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