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January 16, 2004 | Issue 482


Bush wanted war at any cost
Iraqis paid the price
Bush was planning his cruel war on Iraq from the moment he stole his way into the White House. All he was waiting for was an excuse to get away with it.

Immigrants need a real amnesty
Why Bush's immigration "reform" is a fraud
With a smile to Latino voters and a wink and nod at Corporate America, George W. Bush unveiled what he claims are "sweeping reforms" of U.S. immigration policy last week.


Election 2004 and the Democrats
Should this bunch get your vote?
Socialist Worker looks at the records of the nine candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Should we support "good" democrats?

Detained without rights at Camp Delta in Cuba
Bush's prison camp
On January 11, 2002, the Bush administration began operating a gulag. Two years later, not a single detainee housed at Guantánamo has been linked to any crime related to a terrorist attack on the U.S.

Why the U.S. is responsible for poverty and tyranny in Haiti
Haiti: Crushed by U.S. power
The history of Haiti includes both brutal oppression--much of it stemming from the role of U.S. imperialism--and heroic resistance.


Washington's hypocrisy about weapons of mass destruction
The world's super-bully
The Bush administration's push to disarm some countries is matched by efforts to arm others, whenever and wherever it suits U.S. interests.

Dean vs. the Democratic Party?
Why do some leading Democrats seem to hate Howard Dean more than George W. Bush?


U.S. to photograph and fingerprint 24 million a year
Big Brother goes global
The Department of Homeland Security's Big Brother spy system has gone global. Foreigners entering the U.S. at all 115 airports with international flights and 15 seaports will be fingerprinted and photographed.

Bloomberg's plan won't make schools safe
Police invasion of NYC schools
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a new school safety program that will put more police in 12 middle and high schools around the city.

A Medicare "reform" rip-off
Bush's Medicare law that covers prescription drugs for seniors gives some of the biggest corporations in the U.S. a huge giveaway if they cut back on retiree health coverage.

Ethnic slur from a darling of liberals
At a campaign event for a fellow Democrat in St. Louis, Sen. Hillary Rodham thought that it would be funny to use a racial stereotype for some cheap laughs.


Exploited and then tossed aside
By disguising his dressed-up bracero program behind a smokescreen of liberal pro-immigrant rhetoric, George Bush is trying to look like a "compassionate conservative."

A new strategy to reverse labor's decline?
Several major unions have come together to form the New Unity Partnership, a proposal for a vast restructuring of the labor movement.


Fannie May closes down its factory and stores
"We feel betrayed"
Archibald Candy Corp. abruptly announced that it would close its Fanny May candy plant and stores in Chicago "Yeah, we feel betrayed," said one worker. "What else could we feel?"

On the picket line
Southern California grocery workers; Tyson Foods; Austin, Texas, bus drivers; Oyster Bar


Kevin Cooper speaks out from Calif. death row:
"I ask you to protest for me"
California death row prisoner Kevin Cooper is scheduled to die on February 10. In this statement, he explains why it is important for all who care about justice to take up his case.

Teenagers dead because of police "policy"
Is police department policy to blame for the deaths seven teenagers in a terrible car crash that followed a high-speed chase?

Letters to the editor
Marching for our rights; You can't spoil a spoiled system; Slick Rick wins right to stay in U.S.; Socialist Worker is too negative; Who will history say is the terrorist?


Straight from the war criminal's mouth
Talking with McNamara
The new documentary on American war criminal Robert McNamera, Fog of War, is a great resource, especially for antiwar activists.

The uses and abuses of genetic science
The PBS series on DNA is worth catching for the information it provides on the current state of genetic science, its potential benefits and the way in which it is being abused.

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