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February 6, 2004 | Issue 485


Bush and Blair lied...
Iraqis died
The whole world knows that the antiwar movement was right: Washington manufactured its case for war.

The state of California wants to kill Kevin Cooper
We say no!
Arnold Schwarzenegger is determined to murder California death row prisoner Kevin Cooper. But people across the state are raising their voices to send a message: We oppose this state-sponsored murder.


From corporate crimes to murder in Iraq
Crimes of the Bush dynasty
The great myth about the United States is that we live in a "meritocracy," where the "best and brightest" will rise to the top. Any examination of the Bush family tree proves that this is a lie.

Pro-war, anti-war, insider, outsider, liberal, conservative
The many faces of John Kerry
John Kerry has everything that Corporate America--and the Democratic Party establishment--want in the White House. Socialist Worker looks at Kerry's rotten record.


Both Democrats and Republicans serve Corporate America
"The real masters of government"
Even the most conservative candidates for the Democratic presidential nominations are piping up with harsh criticisms of Bush. But the Democrats will say one thing to get your vote--and do another once in office.


Barbaric treatment for juvenile offenders in California
Caged like animals
Caged and drugged like animals. That's what the California "justice" system considers proper care for juvenile offenders.

"They're killing us like dogs"
Gunned down by the NYC police
Nineteen-year-old Timothy Stansbury Jr. became the latest unarmed Black man to die at the hands of New York City cops.


Opposition led by Haiti's wealthy and supported by Washington
Can Aristide survive?
The past month has seen more frequent demonstrations and strikes against the government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

General strike threat wins concessions in Bolivia
Bowing to the pressure of a planned general strike, Bolivia's President Carlos Mesa last weekend announced a series of measures affecting multinational corporations and the country's rich.


The hidden decline in living standards
While corporate profits soar once again, the working-class majority in the U.S. faces a quietly unfolding crisis barely acknowledged by the mainstream media.

Workers' revolt to revolution
Revolutions are windows of opportunity where the old habits of deference and passivity are suddenly destroyed on a mass scale among ordinary people.


20,000 show support for UFCW
Rallying in LA for grocery strikers
An estimated 20,000 grocery workers and their supporters marched through the streets of Los Angeles to protest the supermarket chains trying to cut workers' health care and wages.

Tyson strike goes down to defeat
After striking for nearly 11 months against Tyson Foods, the members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 538 voted 293-70 to accept Tyson's latest offer.

On the picket line
University of Texas


Mass. unions join the battle for gay marriage
A fight for all workers
Massachusetts unions representing more than 200,000 workers across the state have come out in support of same-sex civil marriage.

What the military won't tell soldiers
People across Puerto Rico rallied to the side of "el Desertor Boricua"--and helped to save him from military prison after he was arrested and charged with desertion from the U.S. Army.

News and reports
Defend the Oakland 25; Another Chicago is possible; Abolish the death penalty


Florida's plan to execute Johnny Robinson
This is murder, not justice
A major miscarriage of justice is about to be carried out in Florida, if Johnny L. Robinson is executed.

The Civil War wasn't just a "rich man's war"
I wanted to take issue with some of the characterizations of the Civil War that Sarah Hines made in her rebuttal to Donny Schraffenberger's review of the movie Cold Mountain.

Letters to the editor
Temp workers are left out; Exploiting tragedy to justify state murder; Fighting back against a toxic industry; Dean, Green or anybody but Bush?; Kucinich is an honest union man


Rap artist takes on Bush's America
Paris' Sonic Jihad
With his trademark fury and "guerrilla funk" beats, rap artist Paris' new release is a direct confrontation with Bush's America and the state of rap music.

TV's way of breaking lesbian stereotypes
The latest in a string of gay-oriented TV shows, Showtime's The "L" Word is the first program to revolve around lesbians and bisexual women.

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