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February 13, 2004 | Issue 485


Saved from execution, but still on death row
We won't let Kevin Cooper die
The man the state of California was determined to murder has been saved from execution. But Kevin Cooper remains on death row--and we won't let him die.

Kevin Cooper: "I am an abolitionist"


Right targets gay marriage
Stop the bigots!
The right wing is trying to whip up anti-gay hysteria after another legal victory for same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Why millions of people in the United States are...
Drowning in debt
Millions upon millions of working people in the U.S. are drowning in debt--and the worst of this hidden crisis is yet to come.

Military families and veterans say:
Bring them home now!
Bush says that the occupation of Iraq is proceeding with few snags. Here, the mother of a U.S. soldier in Iraq and a Vietnam veteran tell a different story.

An open letter from the International Socialist Organization
The occupation of Iraq, Palestine and the antiwar movement
The issue of Palestine has emerged as a crucial question in the U.S. antiwar movement. Here, SW prints an International Socialist Organization statement on this debate for our movement.


White House slipping and sliding on Iraq's supposed weapons
Have Bush's lies caught up with him?
Real opposition won't come from inside the Washington establishment or from the leaders of other governments, but in the streets--in the form of a renewed antiwar movement.

Bush's scorched earth class warfare
The Bush administration budget proposal isn't going after the fat--like the bloated military or tax cut handouts to greedy corporations--but programs that have already been cut to the bone.


Haiti's political crisis at a new stage
Uprising against Aristide spreads
Armed uprisings in the Haitian cities of Gonaives and St. Marc have brought Haiti's political crisis to a new level. Will Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide survive?


P.R. agency for U.S. occupation
The unfolding disaster of the occupation of Iraq has forced the Bush administration to seek help from United Nation.


Union backing for Gephardt and Dean fails
Labor's election flop
Does labor have any political clout left at all? That was the question after labor's double debacle in Iowa's Democratic caucus, when key unions' chosen candidates were crushed.

Fighting for labor rights from Iraq to the U.S.
More than 200 activists, union workers and veterans gathered for a meeting called "The Fight for Labor Rights, From Iraq to the U.S.," sponsored by New York City Labor Against the War.

On the picket line
Southern California grocery strike


Activists under fire
FBI demands records from Iowa school
Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed four people who attended an antiwar forum in Iowa and they got a judge to order Drake university to hand over records of who attended the forum.

News and reports
Bring the troops home now; Defend the Oakland 25; Abortion is a right; Global justice


How U.S. spies have always served up war lies
The CIA cooks the facts
The truth, as it always is with intelligence issues, is that the CIA (in full cahoots with Bush) cooked the facts to serve a political and military agenda already established by the administration.

Letters to the editor
Don't let the state of Texas kill Scott Panetti; Grocery workers need solidarity; SW is too hard on Kucinich; Making Schwarzenegger back down


Labor's fight for social justice
What would it really look like for the labor movement to turn itself around? Dan Clawson's book attempts to answer this question by looking at innovative organizing in the 1990s.

The red who helped desegregate baseball
The campaign to desegregate baseball actually began years before Jackie Robinson broke the color line--with the Communist Party in the late 1930s.

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