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February 27, 2004 | Issue 488


Marriage is a civil right
We'll stand up to the bigots
For tens of thousands of gays and lesbians and their supporters across the country, the fight for gay marriage has taken the shape of a new civil rights movement.

Aristide in the crosshairs
U.S. gives green light to Haiti's killers
Washington is pushing for regime change in Haiti. While calling publicly for negotiations, it has given a green light to the right-wing armed rebellion against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.


We won't accept any "separate but equal" compromises
Birth of a new movement for civil rights
For our voices to be heard, we have to organize--in our communities, workplaces and schools--to turn up the heat on politicians who are dragging their feet on gay marriage.

Twenty-five years after
The Iranian Revolution
The Iranian Revolution was the biggest defeat for U.S. imperialism in the years after the Vietnam War, and it permanently changed the political terrain of the Middle East.


From Iraq to Palestine: No to occupation!
The Bush administration convinced itself that Iraqis would welcome a U.S. occupation. Now it faces decentralized guerrilla warfare--the classic first stage of an anti-colonial struggle.

ISM activist Brian Avery on the Israeli occupation:
"You live in fear for your life every day"
Socialist Worker talks to International Solidarity Movement activist Brian Avery, who was shot in the face by an Israeli sniper, about the reality of Israel's occupation.

Will UN give cover for the occupation?
U.S. out of Iraq now!
The bombings at Iraqi police stations earlier this month have underscored the crisis of the U.S. occupation of Iraq--and made Washington more eager to use the United Nations for political cover.


Ralph Nader announces his 2004 campaign for president
A challenge to the politics of "lesser evilism"
Ralph Nader announced that he would run as an independent candidate in the 2004 presidential election--and was met with a tidal wave of abuse and slander.


One year behind bars for supporting Palestinian rights
The witch-hunt of Sami Al-Arian
The government witch-hunt against Sami Al-Arian has nothing to do with "terrorism." He's being targeted for supporting the right of Palestinians to resist Israel's brutal occupation.

Chicago cops admit they spied on activists
Return of the Red Squad
Chicago police are reviving the Red Squad--the infamous police goon squad that for decades spied on and harassed left-wing activists.

Campus bigots' racist stunts
College Republicans in Rhode Island found a disgusting way to mock Black History month. The bigots decided to hand out a whites-only scholarship.

Migrants evicted from California campus
In a shameful act of disregard for human rights, the city government of Carlsbad, Calif. evicted 70 migrant workers from makeshift camps set up in the canyons near coastal farms.

Free from North Carolina's death row
A North Carolina man walked free last week after spending almost a decade on death row for a murder he didn't commit.


Behind the "good news" economy
Almost two years into the official recovery period from the 2001 recession, the economy still operates with about 2.5 million fewer jobs than it had before the recession.

A system run by "special interests"
John Kerry's supposed crusade against lobbyists for Corporate Americastands in direct contradiction to his two-decade-long career as a Washington politician, raking in huge corporate campaign contributions.


California grocery strikers kept in the dark
UFCW headed for a deal?
Union negotiators for striking grocery workers in Southern California and representatives of the grocery store chains have held continuous meetings for nearly two weeks.

Hospital fires 52 workers during contract talks
The University of Chicago is the largest employer on the South Side of the city, and this January, it decided to flex its economic muscle--or perhaps more accurately, to lose a little weight.

On the picket line
Los Angeles Unified School District


No to war and occupation
Activists from around the country report on actions opposing Bush's wars and occupations.

News and reports
Stop police brutality; Stop the Klan; City University of New York


Kenny Collins taken off of death row in Maryland
Keep fighting for justice!
Maryland death row inmate Kenny Collins has been removed from death row, but has been denied a new trial.

We can't delay the fight for our union jobs
The Wal-Martization of America is real, and as the labor movement, until we start fighting effectively where we can (union shops)--we won't be able to fight where we can't.

Letters to the editor
Kerry: Arrogant and elitist; We need protest, not the Democrats; Building the fight for abortion rights; We can't take four more years of Bush; Kucinich enables the Democrats


How liberals gave ground to the right
Women's declining right to abortion
As an instructive book by journalist William Saletan shows, much of the cause of the rightward shift on abortion rights is due to the strategy and politics of the mainstream pro-choice movement.

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