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March 12, 2004 | Issue 490


From exploiting September 11 to whipping up anti-gay bigotry
Bush has no shame
The Bush gang is determined to stay in the White House--and there's nothing they won't stoop to in order to do it.

After engineering the coup that toppled Aristide...
Washington sides with Haiti's killers
Haiti's right-wingers and ex-military thugs are bolstering their position following the ouster of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. And the U.S. government is lending its support.


Amy Goodman on the U.S. role in Haiti's coup
The killers that Washington backs
Amy Goodman, host of the left-wing radio show Democracy Now! exposes the U.S. government's lies about Haiti, and how the corporate media have uncritically spread them.

Why did Aristide fall?
Jean-Bertrand Aristide arose as a leader of the mass movement against dictatorship in Haiti--but his compromises with U.S. imperialism helped set the stage for his overthrow.

Republicans and Democrats preach "family values" hypocrisy
Behind the attack on gay marriage
Socialist Worker looks at the roots of the right wing's offensive against the right of gays and lesbians to marry.

U.S. blames bombings on al-Qaeda
Is Iraq headed for a civil war?
The coordinated bombings and mortar attacks in two Iraqi cities March 2 cast a spotlight on the crisis of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.


His "opposition" depends on which way the wind is blowing
Why John Kerry doesn't deserve your support
Kerry's emergence last week as the Democrats' certain presidential nominee guarantees that the White House will be occupied by a loyal member of the ruling establishment who agrees on most of what happened in Washington under Bush.

The crime of Israel's apartheid wall
Israel's "security barrier" is really another ploy in a decades-long war to steal more Palestinian land and reduce the Palestinian population to abject poverty.


New movement for the civil rights of gays and lesbians
Spreading the fight for gay marriage
The battle for equal marriage rights is sweeping through the streets and city halls of cities coast to coast.

Education secretary goes to war on teachers
How Rod Paige left the Houston schools behind
As the administration's chief salesperson for No Child Left Behind, Education Secretary Rod Paige has plenty of practice spouting lies and distortions.

The injustice of "three strikes"
California's "three strikes" law--which requires a 25-years-to-life sentence for anyone with two felonies convicted of a third--is unfair, racist, massively expensive and ineffective.


Solving the "crisis" in Social Security
The partisans of Social Security privatization--Democrats and Republicans alike--want to use the fabricated "crisis" of the Social Security system to push their pet agenda.


Workers strike over health care in Twin Cities
Bus drivers draw the line
Transit workers in the Twin Cities have drawn a line against an attack on their health care benefits.

On the picket line
University of Texas shuttle bus drivers; UFCW workers; University of Wisconsin teaching assistants; Powell's Book Store


Preparing to march against war on March 20
With the one-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq approaching, protesters are organizing to tell Washington to end the occupation and bring the troops home now.

Fight for gay marriage
Last week, gay and lesbian rights activists and their supporters turned out in cities around the country to demand "Equal marriage now!"


A UFCW worker on the outcome of the strike
Lessons of our fight
I among so many of the rank and file of our local feel like we have been kicked in the teeth by the latest and final contract offer. We truly feel we have been betrayed.

Letters to the editor
Gaining the confidence to take on bigotry; Treating poverty as if it was a crime; Don't be silent when the right attacks


How a Colorado coach cultivated...
Sexist terror on the football field
The last several weeks have revealed Colorado University to be ground zero in a campaign of sexist terror designed to recruit high school football athletes.

Obituary: Paul Sweezy
Paul Sweezy, who founded the independent socialist magazine Monthly Review in 1949 and remained its guiding influence until his death, died last month just short of his 94th birthday.

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