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March 26, 2004 | Issue 492


U.S. ally says: "We've been taken for a ride"
Bush's war lies exposed again
George W. Bush said his war on Iraq has made the world "safer" and "more secure" over the past year. Maybe he should ask the people of Iraq.

Leader of Hamas assassinated
Israel's ruthless murder
The assassination of Hamas founder and spiritual leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin marks a new stage in Israel's savage repression of Palestinians.


Taking to the streets across the U.S.
No to war and occupation!
Every news report pointed out that the March 20 antiwar demonstrations were smaller than last year. But the media couldn't ignore the fact that millions of people took to the streets around the world.

Offshoring is only one of the causes of high unemployment
What's to blame for lost jobs?
Corporate outsourcing and offshoring of jobs has become a central question in the 2004 presidential elections, but the debate has only scratched the surface of the real reasons for job losses.


The U.S. government is still the "greatest purveyor of violence"
Who are the real terrorists?
The cheerleaders for Washington's "war on terrorism" are quick to denounce the Madrid train bombings. But what they never discuss is the incomparably greater terror that the U.S. government inflicts around the world.

Beginning to look like Bush Lite
With its mantra about picking the most "electable" Democrat, the party establishment has anointed a candidate that Washington's hawks and corporate masters have little to quibble with.


Scandal over cost of Medicare "reform"
The fraud never stops
George Bush's Medicare plan was a bigger fraud than anyone knew--because it turns out that the administration deliberately lied about the cost of the new program.

Bloomberg's testing scheme
Punishing NYC students for the education crisis
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has rammed through a proposal that will result in 15,000 third graders being held back next year.

Just a couple of duck hunters
Responding to calls that he take himself off a case concerning his duck hunting pal Dick Cheney, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia refused--and issued a 21-page rant to say why.


UN occupation in crisis
What caused the violence in Kosovo?
Several days of rioting by mobs of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo has left at least 28 people dead in the worst outbreak of violence since the end of the U.S.-led NATO war.

Aristide in Jamaica as U.S.-backed thugs take charge
Haiti under Washington's thumb
U.S. officials were infuriated to learn that they don't always get their way when Jean-Bertrand Aristide ignored Washington's instructions and flew to Jamaica.

Mass protests against Roh's ouster in South Korea
Impeachment or "palace coup"?
The impeachment of South Korea's President Roh Moo-hyun is backfiring on his opponents who pushed the measure through parliament on March 12.

Meaning of the elections in Greece
Christos Petrakos of Workers Left newspaper in Greece explains that national elections on March 7 have created a new political situation.

Egyptian activists cleared of trumped-up charges
Egyptian antiwar activist and political dissident Ashraf Ibrahim was acquitted of all charges by an emergency court after spending close to a year in prison.


What are the roots of terrorism?
The terrorist bombings of Spanish commuter trains--filled with immigrant workers and students--was indefensible. But they are the predictable outcome of the U.S. government's adventure in Iraq.


Company wants big concessions from UAW--again
Showdown at Caterpillar?
The United Auto Workers could be on another collision course with the heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar after autoworkers voted by 96 percent to authorize a strike.

On the picket line
United Food and Commercial Workers


We won't settle for less than full marriage rights
In Massachusetts, supporters of gay marriage are preparing for the next step in the fight to stop a ban on same-sex marriages.

News and reports
Justice for the Hamouis; Defend the Oakland 25


Don't be afraid to speak out against all oppression
We should rock the boat
We can't be afraid to argue around issues confronting us in our workplaces, and we have to stand up to the undemocratic way that unions like to do business.

Pushed to a breaking point by this system
I rarely watch the local news, but tonight, I caught a story about a man who was pushed to the breaking point by recent tragedies in his life.

Other letters
Do we really want gay marriage?; This struggle is energizing people; We can't wait to demand our rights


College basketball's big payout
March madness for money
Every March, the nation's 64 best college basketball teams gather for a tournament organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Not surprisingly, there's lots of money involved.

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