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April 9, 2004 | Issue 494


Washington answers revolt with repression
Bush's iron fist in Iraq
Iraq has exploded in revolt against the U.S. occupiers who masquerade as "liberators." But Washington is preparing to use its mighty military machine to crush all resistance.

Jobs growing, but wages stagnate...
Why won't they raise the minimum wage?
If the White House and congressional Republicans have their way, wages will continue to stay low--because they're blocking legislation that would increase the federal minimum wage.


Veteran activist Tariq Ali on:
What's next in Iraq?
Veteran political activist, filmmaker, novelist and author Tariq Ali talks to Socialist Worker about the aims of the U.S. occupation and the growing Iraqi resistance.

Pro-choice without apologies
The case for abortion rights
At its heart, the fight for abortion rights is about women's rights, and whether women should have the ability to control their own bodies and reproductive lives.

Is socialism against "human nature"?
People who want to end the oppression, poverty and war characteristic of capitalist society are regularly told that fundamental change is impossible because of human nature. Is this true?


Bush's war on the Iraqi people will only grow more bloody
End the occupation now!
The U.S. military smashed into Falluja--not in the interests of justice, but to send the message that anyone who defies the U.S. will face its wrath.

Where is Nader's campaign headed?
The Democrats think that Ralph Nader should abandon his campaign for president because defeating George Bush is the only thing that matters. But has Nader come to agree with them?


Cop's sister confirms Black suspects were brutalized
Chicago police torture exposed
After more than 20 years, someone with inside information has come forward to confirm that Chicago police under the command of Jon Burge tortured dozens of African-American men.

A battle over immigration
Controversy in the Sierra Club
The environmental group The Sierra Club is facing a raucous showdown over who will lead the 750,000-member organization.

Why pump prices are rising
Gouged by the oil companies
Now that Iraqi oil is in the clutches of the U.S. empire, why are gas prices so high?

The genocide they ignored
"I'll always regret that Rwandan thing." Famous last words from Bill Clinton, whose administration 10 years ago this month looked away while genocide took place in Rwanda.


Beware racism in scholar's clothing
Samuel Huntington's recent article argues that Latino immigration threatens the cultural identity of the U.S. whose pillars are the English language, free-market capitalism and Protestant Christianity.


D.C. grocery workers agree to big concessions
Another retreat by UFCW
The new contract for workers at Safeway and Giant Food supermarkets was hailed as a victory by union leaders. But closer inspection of the details reveals a defeat.

On the picket line
United Teachers Los Angeles; Oyster Bar; Congress Hotel; University of Wisconsin-Madison


Antigay bigots confronted by hundreds in New Paltz
"This united everybody"
Hundreds of supporters of gay marriage made it clear that bigotry is not welcome in their town when extreme antigay bigot Fred Phelps paid a visit.

News and reports
Stop police brutality; East Coast Campus Antiwar Network; Free Palestine; Free Farouk Abdel-Muhti


Iraqi governing council chooses union for workers
So this is "liberation"?
The U.S. occupation's handpicked Iraqi Governing Council is following in the footsteps of the former Baathist regime by choosing a labor federation to represent Iraqi workers.

We can't afford to ignore the gay marriage fight
If marriage rights would really be such a "gigantic step backwards" for gays and lesbians, why is the right so determined to prevent this change from happening?

Letters to the editor
Making kids criminals; Fighting to stop a race to the bottom; Transgendered need to be included; The model for Haiti's new thugs; Looking for help to take on UPS


The man who wrote "all men are created equal"
Thomas Jefferson and the slave power
A new book sheds light on the impact of Thomas Jefferson's position as a Southern plantation owner on his political career after the American Revolution.

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