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April 16, 2004 | Issue 495


Iraq's uprising against occupation
Rebels are defying the U.S. killing machine in Iraq--and despite the butchery by Marines in Falluja, their struggle for national liberation will continue.

Show the politicians:
We won't go back!
The Bush administration has sped up its attack on a woman's right to abortion. But activists are mobilizing to send a message that we won't go back to the days of the back-alley abortions.


A former Marine in Iraq explains "the best way to support the troops":
"Bring them home now!"
Michael Hoffman was part of the invasion of Iraq a year ago. He spoke to Socialist Worker about what U.S. soldiers are facing in Iraq today.

"Sunnis and Shiites are united"
The roots of the resistance
The movement to liberate Iraq from U.S. occupation has shown its power. That's the long-term reality that Washington is dealing with after armed uprisings across Iraq.

Why does Kerry sound like Bush?
After a brief flirtation with populist rhetoric earlier this year, John Kerry has eased back into a role he seems more comfortable with. Sounding like his opponent, George Bush.


Uprisings in Iraq raise the specter of Washington's defeat
Is this Bush's Vietnam?
The depth of the crisis facing the Bush administration can be measured by the fact that even the mainstream media are using the "V" word--and asking if Iraq is "Bush's Vietnam"?

What the 9/11 commission won't ask
It's a pleasure to see the Bush administration squirm. But in the end, this commission won't recommend that the Bush administration pay for its lies and manipulations.


One year after cops fire rubber bullets at demonstrators
Return to the Oakland docks
Last week, on the one-year anniversary of a police rampage against antiwar protesters and longshore workers, about 200 activists returned to the scene of the Oakland cops' crime.

U.S. rejects inquiry into toppling of Aristide
Powell's Haiti hypocrisy
The U.S. isn't making of mockery of justice in Haiti--it's simply trampling on it.

Defeat the witch-hunters
In a victory for all of the immigrant detainees in George Bush's "war on terror," a federal judge last week ordered New York-based Palestinian activist Farouk Abdel-Muhti to be released.

Stuck with the health care bill
U.S. employers regularly complain about how the increasing cost of health care is hurting their business. But they aren't the ones bearing the brunt.


Socialism: What will it look like?
"We know what you're against. What are you for?" is a question that we socialists get a lot.


Reformers make modest gains in UFT elections
What's next in fight for NYC teachers' contract?
With the elections over, it's time to organize a stronger opposition within the union that can lead a militant contract campaign.

On the picket line
SEIU Local 2028; University of Texas shuttle bus drivers


Demonstrators across the U.S. challenge the war on Iraq
"We fight in the name of justice"
Antiwar protesters took to the streets across the U.S. last week in emergency demonstrations against the U.S. blitz on the Iraqi town of Falluja and other attacks.

News and reports
The right to resist; Stop police torture; Fight for abortion rights; Equal marriage now


Send a signal that we won't go away until justice is done
The fight to free Mumia
Contrary to what many people all around the world now assume, Mumia is still in danger of being executed. And there is still the possibility that finally, he will leave prison as a free man after more than 20 years on death row.

Letters to the editor
Nader isn't a vote for the left; A referendum on "lesser evilism"; Don't limit the struggle to help Democrats


Movie about the life of "Tookie" Williams
Defying stereotypes about death row
Redemption is a powerful film that can help open up the debate on the death penalty to a wider audience.

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