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May 7, 2004 | Issue 498


Photos expose U.S. brutality in Iraq
Tortured by the "liberators"
The horrifying pictures of Iraqi prisoners tortured by U.S. soldiers are further proof, if more was needed, that the U.S. isn't "liberating" Iraqis from oppression--but imposing its own ironfisted rule.

George W. Bush vs. John "Me too" Kerry
Is this really a choice?
The presidential candidates of the two mainstream parties agree on far more than anyone would have guessed when Election 2004 was getting underway last year.


How Iraq's resistance stood up to the U.S.
Revolt in Falluja
U.S. Marines thought they were going to teach Falluja a lesson. But in early May, they were forced to withdraw, dealing the U.S. its largest setback since the war began last March.

Conscription wouldn't be "more fair"
Return of the draft
With politicians on both sides of the aisle floating the idea that the U.S. government will have to bring back military conscription, a look back at the Vietnam War dispels the myth of a "fair" draft.

Patrick Bond on:
Ten years after the fall of apartheid
South African-based activist and author Patrick Bond talks with Socialist Worker about the crisis of South African politics today.

Ten years after the slaughter the Clinton administration ignored
Genocide in Rwanda
In 1994, at least 800,000 members of Rwanda's minority Tutsi group were brutally murdered by the majority Hutus. SW looks at its root causes--and the role of Western imperialism.


Polls show growing numbers oppose Bush's occupation of Iraq
Has the tide turned against the U.S.?
From the bloodbath in Falluja, to the sadistic torture of Iraqi prisoners, to the spike in deaths among U.S. soldiers, horror and disgust at the occupation is mounting.


White House determined to get away with rule changes
The plot to steal overtime pay
Add another lie to the Bush administration's growing pile of deceptions. And it's about another war this time, too--the war on workers.

Military's health care system is a scandal
Used as cannon fodder and cast aside
A recent report found that the military is so desperate to meet the demand for troops in Iraq that it has been deploying some National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers who aren't fit for combat.

Next stop in the "war on terror"
Next stop for the war on terrorism--Latin America. That's the opinion of Gen. James Hill, head of U.S. Southern Command for the Pentagon.

Bush adviser ties protest to al-Qaeda
Right-wingers wasted no time in heaping abuse on the April 25 March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C.


Bush's death squad ambassador to Iraq
Bush's choice for ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, has had years of experience helping to organize death squads, torturing political prisoners and orchestrating dirty wars to exterminate opposition to U.S. imperialism.

The pessimism of identity politics
By "celebrating difference" to the point of accepting barriers among the oppressed and exploited, supporters of identity politics embrace their isolation from allies that could help in challenging injustice.


New York AFSCME leaders push concessions
This is a horrible deal
Some 121,000 New York City employees have learned that leaders of AFSCME District Council 37 have recommended approval of a new contract that slashes pay and benefits for new hires and attacks retirees.

UW-Madison grads fight health care cuts
TAA organizes a solid two-day strike
After 10 months of being stonewalled by the state in contract negotiations, the Teaching Assistants' Association at the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducted a two-day strike.

Labor in brief
Caterpillar; Columbia University; University of Chicago Hospital; May Day


News and reports
Gay marriage; Fight California education cuts; Evanston, Ill., Board of Education


The best way to avoid a strike is to prepare for one
We fought back and won
When the Essex Junction, Vt., school boards tried to slash their budgets on the backs of teachers, the teachers' union fought back--and won.

Has the ILA's pension fund been ripped off?
New Orleans International Longshoreman's Association retirees are organizing to fight for the benefits they deserve.

Letters to the editor
What about the lives of Iraqi women?; Anti-Arab racism on the increase; Nader is headed in the wrong direction; UFCW is ready for a possible strike; SW should reject anti-voting agenda


From NFL star to Washington's war hero
Exploiting his death
The typical dead U.S. soldier is not a 27-year-old man who walks away from a multi-million-dollar NFL career to make "the ultimate sacrifice."

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