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May 14, 2004 | Issue 499


Iraq torture photos:
This is what occupation looks like
Turns out that "Saddam's torture chambers" at Abu Ghraib prison--which George Bush claims to have shut down with his invasion of Iraq--are still open for business. Only under new management.

U.S. okays Sharon's plan to annex land
Bush backs Israel's war on Palestinians
The president of the world's only superpower has essentially sanctioned Israel's decades-old strategy of building illegal settlements in areas it has occupied since 1967.


War crimes of the U.S. empire
America has a long history of torture, violence and bloodshed--committed at home and around the world in the name of U.S. empire.

"Trained to kill for a political purpose"
Socialist Worker talks to Barry Romo, of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, about the recent revelations of atrocities committed by U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

Massachusetts set to make history with same-sex marriage licenses
Why gay marriage is a civil right
The state of Massachusetts is set to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples May 17--which will make it the first state in U.S. history to do so.

Brown v. Board: 50 years later
Fifty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court's Brown v. the Board of Education decision declared an end to segregation in public schools--and helped launch an era of struggle for civil rights.


Torture photos push U.S. occupation of Iraq deeper into crisis
Beginning of the end?
The publication of the sickening photos from inside the U.S. torture rooms in Iraq marks the moment when Washington's last justification for the war--that the Iraqi people were "liberated"--was shattered.


Morning-after pill rejected
FDA caves in to bigots' pressure
Overruling a decision made just five months ago, the Food and Drug Administration announced May 6 that it was rejecting over-the-counter sales of the morning-after pill.

Setback in Bush's overtime scam
Five Republican senators jumped ship last week to support a measure that would amend the Bush administration's planned new overtime rules that reclassify workers who are currently eligible.


Why is Bush's loss not Kerry's gain?
Support for the U.S. occupation of Iraq is in free fall, but so far, George Bush's loss has not been John Kerry's gain.

"It's as American as apple pie"
It's impossible to read these stories and not conclude that U.S. support for and involvement in torture is routine, rather than the work of a few "bad apples."


Company retreats on retiree health care, but...
CWA ducks SBC strike
Union leaders' decision to work through a strike deadline is a repeat of the tactic at Verizon a year ago, when the CWA and IBEW ordered members to stay on the job and kept them in the dark while a deal was cut.

On the picket line
Seattle-area grocery workers; University of Texas shuttle bus drivers; Columbia University


S.F. cops murder an unarmed Black man
"His arms were raised, but they kept shooting"
Activists are organizing to protest the police murder of Cammerin Boyd, an unarmed 29-year-old African American man with wooden legs.

News and reports
Gay marriage is a civil right; Stop bigotry at Southern Connecticut; Defend lesbian and gay teens; San Francisco State budget cuts


Government could have the system ready by 2005
Bringing back the draft
Pending legislation in the House and Senate would time the program so the reinstatement of the draft could begin as early as spring of 2005.

Nader campaign deserves a serious look
Nader's campaign could rally hundreds of thousands of people who are sick of Democrats supporting the wars we march against, and then demanding our votes.

Letters in brief
April 25 was an inspiring step; The real purveyors of violence; Kucinich isn't a hopeless cause; Thanks to the ISO for speaking out; Voting Democrat won't bring change


Air America radio has a long way to go
Liberals on the AM dial
It's refreshing to hear a voice on the radio that goes after the lying thugs in the White House and their abettors in the media day after day.

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