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June 4, 2004 | Issue 502


Bush vs. Kerry
This is a choice?
The man who's supposed to beat George Bush in November is Democrat John Kerry. But how much of an alternative is he?

The Bush gang tries to divert attention with terror alert fraud
When Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that terrorists were planning to target the U.S. during the summer months, even the mainstream media had to question the Bush administration's motives.


The facts you need to know about June 30
What the U.S. has in store for Iraq
What is the Bush administration up to with its schemes to cobble together an interim government in Iraq by the June 30 deadline? Socialist Worker answers your questions.

Chicago anti-police brutality activist dies in police custody
"This was murder"
As May Ortiz Molina's friends, family and fellow activists gathered outside the Chicago Police Department headquarters where May died in a prison cell, their anger was focused on the cops who killed her.

What's behind the gas prices crisis?
The oil companies deliberately keep their inventories low to keep prices high. In California, they have cut the number of state refineries almost by half since 1981.

Lenin and the socialist paper
"Learn, propagandize, organize" were the watchwords for the workers' newspaper that the Russian revolutionary Lenin was committed to publishing.


Kerry promotes himself as the alternative war president
Letting Bush off the hook
George W. Bush's occupation of Iraq is unraveling day by day--and with it, the centerpiece of his presidency, the U.S. "war on terror." So why is Bush an even-money bet to sneak back into the White House in November?

Haiti's disaster of the free market
Floods, mudslides and an earthquake devastated Haiti and the Dominican Republic, but the disaster had its roots in not-so-natural causes.


A constant struggle to make ends meet
Working poor in Bush's America
One in four U.S. workers earn less than $8.70 an hour. At full time, that works out to an annual income below the federal government's poverty line for a family of four.

Behind Washington's scheming in Sudan:
Putting oil profits first
The U.S. government is brokering a deal to end a civil war in Sudan that threatens its interests in the Middle East--while ignoring hundreds of thousands of Sudanese who are at the brink of starvation.

How they cover up atrocities
The Nixon administration tried to blame a few low-ranking "bad apples" when the truth emerged about the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War.


Why did the U.S. dump Chalabi?
It looks like Ahmad Chalabi is finding out that the only thing worse than being an enemy is being a "friend" of the U.S. who has fallen out with his patron.


Contract protect jobs but cuts health care
CWA gives ground at SBC
Workers at telecommunications company SBC won some contract gains with their four-day strike last month, but retreated on health care and other issues.

Cuts come on eve of union elections
Will the CTU fight layoffs?
The CEO of the Chicago Public Schools announced that the district has plans to axe 1,600 employees, with the most devastating impact coming at \the poorest schools.

Labor in brief
Los Angeles Unified School District; City University of New York; University of Wisconsin-Madison


News and reports
Providence, R.I., public schools; Defend abortion rights; California State University budget cuts; Stop the antigay bigots


Georgia State suspends group for opposing bigots
We won't "get over" racism
In January 2004, Pi Kappa Alpha at Georgia State University held a so-called "hip-hop theme party" titled "Straight Outta Compton."

Tell Phelps that he can't spew his bigotry
In 18 years of organizing in the Midwest, I have seen rallies rained out, snowed out and wind-chilled out. But May 21 was the first time I've seen one "tornadoed" out.

Letters in brief
We will fight for free speech; U.S. saw nothing to gain in Rwanda; Kerry and Bush share an agenda; A new draft won't bring equality; Empty rhetoric from the CWA


Sudanese refugees search for a better life
Immigrant dreams
Lost Boys of Sudan, a documentary by Megan Mylan and Jon Shenk, is a heartbreaking work that seeks to create awareness about the hardships faced by Sudanese youth.

Behind every Bushman, there's a Bushwoman
A succession of tell-all books have roundly exposed the Bushmen as masters of the art of lying. Often overlooked are the whoppers told in "kinder, gentler" voices--Bush's female appointees.

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