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June 25, 2004 | Issue 504


Torture cover-up unravels
The Pentagon's expert on running a concentration camp flew into Baghdad to give advice. "If you allow them to believe at any point that they're more than a dog," counseled Major Gen. Geoffrey Miller, "then you've lost control of them."

Former death row prisoner Ryan Matthews freed in Louisiana
Justice at last!
Ryan Matthews, who ended his teenage years as an innocent man on Louisiana's death row, finally walked free from prison.


Taking on Wal-Mart
As Wal-Mart makes its move into U.S. cities, it's meeting with growing opposition over its poor pay as well as its union-busting practices.

Two survivors speak out on the 1984 industrial disaster
"We want real justice for Bhopal"
Bhopal was the worst industrial disaster in history. Socialist Worker talked to two survivors about what happened--and their 20-year-old struggle for justice.

Socialism 2004: Ideas that can change the world
More than 1,000 people turned out in Chicago for a weekend of political discussion and debate about the world and how to change it.


White House tries to deflect attention from its war crimes
The world super-terrorist
After killing an untold number of Iraqis in its bloody war and occupation, the Bush administration is trying to deflect attention from its own war crimes.

Sex, lies and Bill Clinton's book
My Life by Bill Clinton is pompous piece of junk--lies and distortions served up with Clinton's teary-eyed smile, rather than trademark snarl that we're used to from George Bush.


Activist Camejo chosen as running mate
Left Green on Nader ticket
Ralph Nader has chosen leading Green Party member Peter Camejo as his running mate, "giving further shape," the Los Angeles Times wrote, "to a left-leaning, antiwar campaign."

NLRB takes aim at "card check" deals in union organizing
A stacked deck against unions
George Bush's National Labor Relations Board reported that it would take a "critical look" at so-called "card check" agreements in labor contracts.

National news in brief
Supreme Court helps HMO bosses; The real unemployment rate; When frozen food is "fresh"


Torture goes all the way to the top
The shock of revelations about the use of torture on prisoners in Iraq shouldn't blind us to some hard truths--the first of which is that torture in the U.S. gulag is not some aberration.


1,500 UAW members walk out over health care
Big battle at Maytag
More than 1,500 workers walked off the job at the big Maytag plant in Newton, Iowa, in a fight that centers on health care costs.

Visteon strikers suffer defeat
Workers at a Visteon auto parts plant in Indiana voted to accept a contract with major concessions after a two-week strike that saw clashes with security guards and state troopers.

Metropolitan Transit Authority
New York City subway motorman Kevin Harrington was told he could no longer drive his train. The reason? He is an observant Sikh who wears a turban--a violation of management's dress code.

Labor in brief
Montpelier Downtown Workers Union; Democratic National Convention; NYC child care and home health workers


Two million behind bars in the "land of the free"
Prison abuses in the U.S.
Incensed as I am at the abuses suffered at the hands of our "ambassadors of liberation" in Iraq, I am not at all surprised. Prison abuse is not an anomaly. It occurs regularly in the United States.

Army War College's racist past and present
The Army War College was an appropriate venue for George Bush's recent racist speech about his Iraqi "civilization policy."

Letters in brief
What the Reagan tributes left out; Dirty laundry at Cintas; A half-hearted strike won't do; The divide and conquer strategy; More sports on the pages of SW; Reform support doesn't hurt Nader


The myth of motherhood and family today
The new "mom-ism"
In The Mommy Myth, Susan Douglas and Meredith Michaels drive a truck through the idea that there's a "feminist revolution" of women choosing to leave work and return to the nuclear family.

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