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July 2, 2004 | Issue 505


U.S. official on the puppet prime minister of Iraq: "He's our thug"
Bush's sham "handover"
A new figurehead can't hide the fact that the U.S. still runs the show in Iraq--and that there's no democracy for ordinary Iraqis.

Beating caught on videotape
Brutal LA cops strike again
Watching the grainy video images of the police beating of Stanley Miller last week, Los Angeles residents couldn't help but be reminded of 1991, when cops beat another Black man on camera–Rodney King.


Why you should support the opposition to the U.S. occupation of Iraq
The right to resist
Socialist Worker looks at the resistance to the U.S. occupation of Iraq--and explains why anyone interested in justice and freedom in Iraq should support the right of Iraqis to fight back.

Convention rejects Nader endorsement
The Green Party's step backward
The Green Party convention's rejection of Ralph Nader is a step away from a challenge to the two-party "duopoly" and away from the political prominence that the Greens have achieved.

Rosa Luxemburg on
Reform or revolution
Rosa Luxemburg's 100-year-old pamphlet takes up political questions about how society will be changed that are still relevant today.


Support for the occupation collapses as Iraq policy unravels
Why isn't Bush on the run?
George W. Bush made the war on Iraq the central issue of his presidency, and now disapproval of that war is at an all-time high. So why isn't he on the run?

The crime of mandatory minimums
During the decades-long hysterics about drugs, politicians introduced "mandatory minimum" sentences. The result? Countless lives wasted, families torn apart and jails filled to the bursting point.


Anti-immigrant sweeps in California round up thousands
Border Patrol's racial profiling
The U.S. Border Patrol has launched a major offensive of anti-immigrant sweeps in Southern California.

Supreme Court okay for...
Cheney's shady energy deals
Should the public have the right to know when politicians cut backroom deals to let big business write public policy? Not according to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Setback for Bush's war on our civil liberties
The Bush administration's attempt to strip foreign prisoners of all rights suffered a major blow from the U.S. Supreme Court.


The chokehold of "Anybody But Bush"
For those who wondered why the U.S. left has never built an alternative to the dead end of the Democratic Party, last weekend's Green Party convention in Milwaukee offered a bird's-eye view.

Can elections bring socialism?
The most popular view of the state, even among most radicals, is that its character can change if only the right people were to run it. History teaches us how mistaken a notion this is.


Bosses play hardball
Showdown for labor at LA hotels
Greedy bosses at some of Los Angeles' ritziest hotels are playing dirty in their fight with the workers who make them rich.

Laid-off workers defy company to join picket line
Maytag strikers dig in
More than 1,500 Maytag strikers continue to hold the line since a strike began here June 10. Despite attempts to play laid-off workers against strikers, solidarity is winning out.

Port truckers fighting for pay and union rights
With no relief from high diesel prices in sight, port truckers on the East Coast called on truckers nationwide to turn up the heat on trucking firms and cargo companies this July.

Labor in brief
Freightliner; Puget Sound grocery workers; Legal Aid Society


News and reports
Gay marriage is a civil right; End the occupation of Iraq; Stop the war on the poor


Steven Oken's last letter to Maryland's governor:
"Will justice be served?"
Steven Oken was executed by the state of Maryland on June 17. Here, Socialist Worker reprints excerpts of Steven Oken's final letter to Gov. Bob Ehrlich.

Letters in brief
Conn. says good riddance to a union-buster; Turning Georgia into a police state; Military employees let loose at Bush


Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 packs theaters
A movie for our side
It's no wonder that Fahrenheit 9/11 is packing them in, debuting at number one at the box office, despite showing on one-third the number of screens reserved for summer blockbusters.

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