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October 8, 2004 | Issue 515


The politicians' tax cut bonanza
Robbing the poor to give to the super-rich
According to Forbes magazine, billionaires are squeezing the piddling millionaires off the list of the 400 filthy-richest Americans.

U.S. forces storm Samarra
Washington's new terror in Iraq
Anyone who wants to understand the real source of the violence in Iraq doesn't need to look any further than the new U.S. offensive in Samarra.


John Pilger on the "choice" in Election 2004
Bush vs. Kerry: The fake debate
Journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger explains why Washington's wars have been waged by Republicans and Democrats who "joined hands across America's illusory political divide."

Hidden story of the Iraq war
Maimed for oil and empire
George Bush doesn't hesitate when asked if the war on Iraq was worth the hundreds of deaths and thousands of terrible injuries suffered by U.S. troops. Too bad no one asked Sgt. 1st Class Larry Daniels.

They can't vote in the "world's greatest democracy"
The disenfranchised
Democrats and Republicans may claim that "every vote is sacred," but in practice, both routinely use race, geography and all kinds of dirty tricks to disenfranchise millions.


The subject of the first presidential debate...
Debating how to dominate the globe
What the first debate really proved is that John Kerry is capable of putting a more respectable and palatable face on essentially the same imperialist program pursued by the Bush administration.

Upheaval against a U.S. ally in Africa
The threat of armed rebellion in the oil-producing region of Nigeria cast a spotlight on the crisis in that country--and Washington's cynical power plays in Africa.


One hospital after another makes plans to cut or close
LA County's sick health care system
Los Angeles' public health care system is spiraling deeper into chaos after the announcement that the county's second-busiest trauma center will close.

Wife of Iraq war veteran deported
"Everything I fought for has vanished"
U.S. immigration authorities deported Patricia Acosta Delgado, the wife of Iraq war veteran Sgt. Frank Cabadiana, in late September.

Indictments in Texas over...
Tom DeLay's plot for a GOP takeover
Another political scandal is brewing in Texas, and right smack in the middle of it is House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and his plan to take over the U.S. government.


Democrats' Obama ready to bomb Iran
John Kerry's antiwar supporters repeatedly warn that a military attack on Iran is imminent if George Bush is reelected. But Democrats are rattling their sabers at the same target.

What they don't teach us in school
Why was history so boring in high school? Because textbooks talked about historical events as if they were a lifeless collection of things--like a grocery list, only you had to memorize it.


Two-week strike aims to defeat health care concessions
SF hotel workers walk out
Some 1,400 hotel workers at four of San Francisco's larger hotels began a two-week strike September 29 over health care and other issues–and in response, 10 other hotels locked out their workers.

Fight for health care is focus of contract battle
Teachers in Kentucky ready to strike
More than 4,000 education workers from Northern Kentucky held a one-day strike September 27 to show their disgust and frustration with a proposed health insurance plan.

Labor in brief
Legal Aid Society


Is it illegal to divest?
Targeting supporters of Palestine
Pro-Israel organizations want the federal government to file charges against anyone who calls on U.S. corporations and academic institutions to divest from Israel.

News and reports
Stop the war on Iraq; Justice in Palestine; News from the Nader campaign; Fight for Latino rights


Disabled man dies after D.C. judge puts him in jail
A sick injustice system
In Washington, D.C., a 27-year-old quadriplegic died in jail last week while serving a 10-day term.

Ignoring a new generation of homeless vets
I have to ask myself when I look at homeless veterans how this country can spend tax dollars on rebuilding Iraq while there are homeless veterans here.

Other letters
Picking Cobb is a setback; Michelle stood for justice; What Nader and Cobb share; When a Green goes after reds


"We felt the world changing, or was it us?"
On the road with the young Che
The Motorcycle Diaries tells the story of how Ernesto "Che" Guevera broke with his middle-class medical student roots to cast his lot with Latin America's poor and oppressed.

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