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January 14, 2004 | Issue 526


Elections under occupation in Iraq and Palestine
Washington's "democracy" at gunpoint
The U.S. always claims that its wars and occupations "promote democracy." But Washington is behind elections in Iraq and Palestine this month that will do the opposite.


U.S. health care in...
Critical condition
Only the top 2 or 3 percent of the wealthiest Americans can expect top-shelf medical care. For the rest, second- and third-rate care--or no care at all--has become the norm.

The UN oil-for-food program in Iraq:
The real scandal
Republicans are charging financial mismanagement in the Iraq oil-for-food program administered by the UN before the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003. But that's not the real scandal.


Strings attached to Washington's disaster relief
Bush's insult to tsunami victims
U.S. government aid to the desperate victims of the Indian Ocean tsunamis is finally arriving. But it has strings attached.

While tsunami victims wait for help...
Indonesia's war on Aceh goes on
Two weeks after the tsunami disaster, desperate people are still waiting for help along the coast of Aceh in Indonesia. But the Indonesian military has other priorities.

How you can help
Sigh of relief for insurance vultures
Surveying the immense loss of life and structural damage in coastal Southeast Asia after the tsunamis, the global insurance industry had a perverse response. Relief.


The Bush proposal is a smokescreen for slashing benefits
Social Security con job
Bush's advisers assume a weak and stagnant economy to predict doom for the current Social Security system--but promise a utopia of ever-rising stock values to sell privatization.


Republicans spending $40 million on Bush inauguration
Party for the power brokers
The Republican faithful are getting ready to celebrate four more years of George Bush in the White House--and they're sparing no expense.

Attorney general nominee has it easy at Senate hearing
Kid-glove questions for Gonzales
The atmosphere in the hearing room was chummy as the Senate Judiciary Committee held a confirmation hearing for Alberto Gonzales.

Texas court orders new trial for Yates
In a surprise move, a Texas appeals court last week granted a new trial to Andrea Yates, the woman convicted in 2002 of drowning her children in a bathtub.


Did Bush steal the White House again?
If there was anything notable about the dirty tricks in Election 2004, it was how similar they were to every other election organized in the U.S.


Bankruptcy court shreds union contract at US Airways
Judge imposes pay cuts
Airline labor took their biggest blow yet when a bankruptcy court judge unilaterally cancelled union contracts for mechanics at US Airways.

Private line bus drivers on strike in New York City
Workers at private bus lines in Queens and Brooklyn in New York City hit the picket line January 10 in a fight for a new contract.

Labor in brief


News and reports
Stop the execution of Donald Beardslee; No to war and occupation; Stop the militarization of our schools; Justice for Palestine


Fifteen years after Bush Sr.'s assault, Panama remembers...
Victims of a U.S. invasion
Hundreds of Panamanians gathered to observe the 15th anniversary of the U.S. invasion amid growing concerns of a rise of U.S. military activity in the region.

There's a war criminal in the White House
George Bush has overseen the death of thousands of innocent Afghans and Iraqis, women, children and men.

Other letters
Governator slams teachers; Who can the left look to?; Fired for speaking out; Hold Pinochet responsible; Why not vote for a socialist?


The legacy of boxer Jack Johnson
Hitting back against racism
Jack Jackson, the first Black heavyweight-boxing champion, resides somewhere between legend and myth, which is why Ken Burns' new documentary is such an amazing contribution.

Lost in the horror of the First World War
A Very Long Engagement, a new movie that tells the story of the First World War and its aftermath, is well worth the price of admission.

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