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April 8, 2005 | Issue 538


Counter-recruitment fight spreads
As it struggles to meet its recruitment targets, the military's biggest hurdle may be coming from the very same young people that it is targeting.

The lessons of McCarthyism
It isn't hard to draw the link from the terrible days of the McCarthyite witch-hunts of radicals to the political climate in the

Phil Gasper: "There are a lot of parallels with today"
The left and the Democratic Party:
With or against?
David Swanson of the Progressive Democrats of America and Lance Selfa of Socialist Worker debate whether the Democratic Party can be reformed.


Behind the maneuvers in Iraq
A government made to order
The maneuvers over Iraq's next government have further exposed the U.S. power play in last January's elections--and highlighted Washington's long-term plans to dominate Iraq.

The death of a reactionary
The media haze can't change what Pope John Paul II was in real life--a reactionary who saw his mission as defending the most backward traditions of the Catholic Church.


The humanitarian cover for the brutal embargo of Iraq
The real oil-for-food scandal
The real scandal never had anything to do with Kofi Annan or kickbacks in the UN humanitarian assistance program in Iraq during the 1990s.


Confrontation at the Arizona border
Vigilantes take aim at immigrants
Volunteers of the Minuteman Project who descended on southern Arizona are the latest anti-immigrant vigilantes out to "patrol the border."

Corporate America makes a windfall off "investment" in Washington
How big business buys the politicians
If you run a big corporation, you don't just get what you pay for from Washington. You get much, much more than you pay for.

WMD report lets Bush off the hook
A bipartisan commission laid the blame for the scandal over Iraq's non-existent "weapons of mass destruction" on the CIA, letting the Bush administration off the hook.


Liberal allies of the right in Schiavo case
Right-wingers flocked to exploit the Terri Schiavo case. But in the days before Schiavo's death, some of the biggest news was made by people who consider themselves progressives.


Old guard leaders negotiate concessionary contract
Vote no on UTLA contract
The proposed deal negotiated by outgoing officials is an insult to all United Teachers of Los Angeles members and ought to be rejected when it goes to a ratification vote.

Labor in brief
Wisconsin state workers; Defend Social Security; Diamond Walnut


Report singles out left-wing professor
Scapegoated at Columbia
An investigation into alleged anti-Semitism at Columbia University has rejected bogus charges made by pro-Israel students--but made a scapegoat of professor Joseph Massad.

Campaign defends rights of CCNY activists
Some 50 people attended a town hall meeting at the City College of New York to defend three students and one staff member punished for protesting military recruitment on campus.

News and reports
Stop racism at McDonald's; No to war and occupation


Why the Democrats take progressives for granted
Don't just blame the Democrats
Progressives need to recognize they can't blame just the Democrats--it is the liberals who supported a candidate for president who opposed progressives on many issues.

One of the heroes of our movement
Will combined a tremendous, almost encyclopedic, memory of history with a tireless commitment to struggling for a better world.

Views in brief
Media bow to "right to life"; "Liberty" for corporations; Thanks for your paper; What "turning point" in Iraq?


Documentary follows U.S. troops in Baghdad
A much-needed view inside today's Iraq
Gunner Palace points the cameras inside Iraq to shed light where it is desperately needed.

The foul anatomy of a fascist rally
The disturbing documentary The Letter follows some of the 1,100 refugees fleeing violence in Somalia, as they settle in an almost all-white city in Maine.

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