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July 8, 2005 | Issue 550

The bombings on London subway trains and buses July 7 were tragic reminders of how the "war on terrorism" has endangered, rather than protected, ordinary people. | READ MORE


Mike Marqusee:
"Blair placed this city in the firing line"

George Galloway:
"A life free of the threat of violence"

John Pilger:
"The bombs belong ultimately to Blair and Bush"

Download SW's two-page special supplement on the London bombings.

Download SW's statement on the bombings in Spanish.


California activist Renee Saucedo:
"They want to scapegoat immigrants"
The Minuteman Project's invasion of Arizona earlier this year to "patrol the border" is only the best-known front in the attack on immigrants taking place across the country.

Racist network of right wingers
Far-right groups are trying to grow in Southern California by creating the illusion that their forces are strong and their ideas are legitimate and mainstream.

Showdown looming over Supreme Court nomination
Time to take action
George W. Bush is getting his chance to put a right winger on the U.S. Supreme Court. But around the country, there is an urgent sense that we need to take action.


The not-so-antiwar Democrat
Mr. Outside or Mr. Inside?
Left-wing author Joshua Frank looks at the political career of the supposed "antiwar" Democrat Howard Dean.

A hundred years of the Industrial Workers of the World
One big union
Many of the questions faced by the union movement today were debated 100 years ago at the founding convention of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Socialism 2005: Build the Left Alternative
Some 1,000 activists came from across the U.S. and around the world to Chicago for Socialism 2005 conference, held July 1-4.


Opinion polls show growing discontent with war on Iraq
Why Bush is losing the occupation
George W. Bush's June 28 speech to "reassure the American people" about his war for oil and empire in Iraq didn't even convince Republicans.

The meaning of the election in Iran
The victory of a right-wing populist in Iran's presidential election highlighted social discontent in the country--and will be used by the U.S. as an excuse to intensify its threats.


As Bush, Blair and other leaders meet in opulence...
Mass protests send a message to the G8
Masses of people were descending on Scotland in early July to protest George W. Bush and the other leaders of the world's most powerful governments.

Italian judge orders arrest of CIA agents
An Italian judge has issued arrest warrants for 13 CIA agents accused of kidnapping an Egyptian cleric on Italian soil two years ago.


Did the California National Guard spy on protesters?
The California National Guard is under investigation--for spying on a Mother's Day antiwar rally at the state capitol building.


Class struggle in the ancient world
So long as society has been divided into classes and presided over by a ruling or exploiting class, there has been resistance from the exploited class.

Where are Mexico's Zapatistas headed?
It was with its characteristic flair for surprise that the Zapatista National Liberation Army declared a "red alert" on June 20.

Inside the system
Hate them or leave it; Can you just repeat after me?; Heard it through the grapevine


New leadership faces renewed attack from LA school district
UTLA reformers take office
Rank-and-file militants of the United Action election slate took office July 1 as the new leadership of United Teachers Los Angeles.

Labor in brief
Wisconsin state workers; Aurora Health Care


Taking on the vigilantes on the San Diego border
Demonstrators marched July 2 to oppose the vigilante-style Minutemen groups who plan to patrol the San Diego-Tijuana border region this summer and fall.

News and reports
Abolish the federal death penalty; No to war and occupation


Vermont resolutions against Iraq war derailed
The bipartisan betrayal
A legislature resolution to initiate public hearings on the state's National Guard deployments died--at the hands of bipartisan maneuvers in the Vermont House.

The shame of Boston's Pride festival
The collapse of the gay marriage movement nationally and the retreat of the Democratic Party most liberal organizations has taken its toll on Boston Pride.

Views in brief
Governator attacks labor; Correction to Berkeley report; Saying no to EU bosses; Should Bush be impeached?


Oil: What the "war on terror" is about
The recently released documentary Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror is a useful tool in building the confidence of our side.

Mixing politics and profit, the DeLay way
You can read about the rise and, hopefully, the fall of an unremarkable former roach killer from a Houston suburb in The Hammer.

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