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July 22, 2005 | Issue 551


After the bombings in London:
Bush and Blair give a green light to racism
George Bush and Tony Blair are trying to use the tragic July 7 suicide bombings in London to turn back the growing tide of criticism of their occupation of Iraq.

Journalist John Pilger on the bombings in London:
"The daily horrors of Iraq have been brought home"
Two more victims of the LAPD
"There was no way they wanted anyone alive"
The Los Angeles Police Department killed Jose Raul Peña and his 19-month-old daughter Susie in a hail of 60 bullets July 10.


Supreme Court battle looming...
Abortion rights in the balance
With George Bush nominating the staunch conservative John Roberts to replace Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, pro-choice activists are sounding the alarm. But what will keep abortion safe and legal?

Military resister Camilo Mejía:
"I pledge my allegiance to the poor and oppressed"
The first U.S. soldier who served in Iraq to go public with his refusal to continue fighting Bush's war for oil and empire speaks out about the struggle of the GI antiwar movement.

Antiwar activists reach U.S. sailors in Australia
Antiwar activists in Sydney, Australia, turned the harbor area surrounding three U.S. Navy ships into a huge, open-air theater.
Greens debate democracy and the Democrats
What is the future of the Green Party?
An important debate being carried on among activists in many different movements is raging in the Green Party.

The myth of Hoffa the reformer
Over the last several months, International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa has been described as a union "reformer" or even "dissident."


Calls for fall demonstrations show signs of a new direction
Putting protest back on the agenda
Dissatisfaction with George W. Bush's policies has pushed his job approval rating to new lows--and plans for protests this fall offer an opportunity to turn that sentiment into action.

Will the AFL-CIO split in Chicago?
With rumors swirling about backroom deals, boycotts, walkouts and splits, the AFL-CIO convention will take place in Chicago July 25-28.


How the U.S. tested its torture techniques
The U.S. military's tactics of torture and humiliation pictured in the sickening photos from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq were "road-tested" at its prison camp at Guantánamo Bay.

GI resister Kevin Benderman faces new court-martial
Put on trial for opposing their war
The U.S. Army will again try to court-martial Sgt. Kevin Benderman for refusing to participate in the illegal occupation of Iraq.

Mayor won't face trial for gay marriages
A victory in New Paltz
All charges have been dropped against New Paltz, N.Y., Mayor Jason West for marrying same-sex couples.

Klan targets Latinos in Ohio
The Ku Klux Klan has been distributing racist leaflets in Hamilton, Ohio, and there have also been late night sightings of robed Klansmen attacking Latinos.

Witch-hunt comes to Brooklyn College
The attack on academic freedom that has intensified since September 11 has turned to Brooklyn College in New York City.


No heroes in the scandal over Rove's leak
Battle of the insiders
It's up to the antiwar movement to make the Bush thugs pay for the real scandal underlying the uproar over Karl Rove's leaks to the media.

The CP adapts to the right...again
Though the Communist Party today is a shadow of its size and influence in the 1930s, its political outlook remains virtually unchanged since it adopted its "popular front" strategy.

Inside the system
Right side of town; Getting tough on ballet dancers; Heard it through the grapevine


Strike at Asarco by USW members across the Southwest
Copper miners draw the line
Copper workers in Ray, Ariz. went on strike against the Asarco mining company July 2, and they were later joined by workers from other Asarco mines in Arizona and Texas.

Labor in brief
Walgreens; Honda


Confrontation at the California border:
Protesters challenge vigilantes
Racist vigilantes calling themselves the Border Patrol Auxiliary ran into heated opposition in the desert mountains east of San Diego.

40,000 march against Minutemen in Chicago
About 40,000 people rallied at McKinley Park on Chicago's South Side in favor of immigrant rights and in opposition to the Minutemen establishing a chapter in Chicago.

News and reports
Get military recruiters out of our schools; Defend abortion rights; The right to protest


Middle school student on National Guard "invasion"
Targeting kids for war
On June 10, I entered the cafeteria in FHT Middle School in South Burlington, Vt., to be greeted by the sight of adults milling around and passing out flyers.

Tortured by the prison health system
I just wanted to thank you for the article exposing the extremely inadequate medical care prisoners in the U.S. receive. This hits very close to home for me.

Views in brief
The Army's false promise; The corporate crime wave; Perpetuating a stereotype; Apologies they owe us


Colombians pay the price for U.S. "aid"
The stories of the dispossessed
Alfredo Molano's The Dispossessed should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the impact of U.S. foreign policy on ordinary people.

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