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September 9, 2005 | Issue 556


Forced to live for days in filth and squalor
"They just left us here to die"
The leaders of the richest country in the world abandoned tens of thousands of people to face an unimaginable nightmare in New Orleans.

How the Gulf Coast catastrophe transformed U.S. politics
Unnatural disaster
The dark secrets of American society have been exposed--racism, class inequality, the arrogance of a profit-hungry ruling class, political leaders whose response to any crisis is repression.

Trapped in New Orleans by the flood--and martial law
The real heroes and sheroes of New Orleans
Two contributors to Socialist Worker tell how they were trapped in New Orleans by the flooding--and the martial law cordon around the city.

A New Orleans activist on the U.S. government's criminal failure
"They died for no reason but lack of organization"
Former Black Panther Malik Rahim talks about the criminal failure of authorities to help the victims of the disaster in New Orleans.

Anti-death penalty activist on bigotry in her hometown
"The racism I've seen in New Orleans"
Monique Matthews talks about her family's ordeal escaping from Hurricane Katrina, and her hometown's legacy of racism.

Authorities justified crackdown by...
Portraying the victims as "criminals"
How do you cover up for mass murder by negligence? Shoot and kill more people, call them "looters," and trumpet their deaths as a sign of progress.

Man-made disaster at a U.S. government agency
FEMA damaged by Hurricane George
The failure of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to manage the emergency along the Gulf Coast is an indictment of the Bush team's "philosophy" of government.

Nothing natural about Bush's budget cuts
Did this disaster have to happen?
It wasn't the massive force of Hurricane Katrina that turned New Orleans into a wasteland but the flooding that followed when the city's levee system collapsed.

Making money off misery
The oil giants didn't miss a moment in making a quick buck off of people's misery.


How U.S. forces set the stage for...
Tragedy in Baghdad
As antiwar activists from Cindy Sheehan's vigil in Crawford, Texas, left on a bus tour across the U.S., Iraq witnessed a terrible new tragedy caused by Washington's occupation.

When Mr. Galloway went to Washington
British antiwar leader George Galloway's new book has been published in time for his speaking tour of the U.S. that begins September 13.


Bush's plan to stack the Court
How can he be stopped?
With the timely death of William Rehnquist and the resignation of Sandra Day O'Connor, George W. Bush will get the chance to further pack the Supreme Court with conservatives.

Texas plans to kill Frances Newton
Stop this execution!
If the state of Texas gets away with executing Frances Newton on September 14, she will be the first Black women executed in the state since the Civil War.


Walkout tests IAM strength at aerospace giant
Machinists strike Boeing
The strike by 21,000 members of the International Association of Machinists at Boeing will determine whether the union can preserve its clout at the world's biggest aerospace company.

Labor in brief
Northwest Airlines; Museum of Fine Arts; Austin Capitol Metro Transit


LA activists unite to fight police brutality
More than 500 people packed the Bethel A.M.E. church in South Central Los Angeles to rally against police brutality following the beating of Nation of Islam Minister Tony Muhammad.

News and reports
Money for relief, not for war; End the occupation of Iraq; No ROTC on campus


Trained to kill, then thrown away by the system
Why isn't the war on trial?
When a bloodthirsty district attorney in Texas fails to seek the death penalty for an African American man accused of murdering a white woman, you can be sure something fishy is going down.

A rare victory for immigrant rights
Four Latino students recently avoided deportation from Arizona in a rare decision by a federal immigration judge.

Views in brief
Hypocrisy on Gaza pullout; Left Party's contradictions; Opportunity to be seized


Over There lets real enemy off the hook
It's impossible to avoid taking sides
The new television series Over There peers into the lives of a group of eight soldiers in Iraq as well as the emotional trials that face their loved ones back home.

Eyewitness tells truth about Guantánamo
A new book helps to expose the truth about the U.S. prison camps at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, as the "gulags of our times."

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