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October 28, 2005 | Issue 563


Victims of a new wave of anti-immigrant violence
Scapegoated, exploited and preyed upon
In a system that views some people as "illegal,"--as cheap labor to be exploited, but given no rights--immigrants will be scapegoated and preyed upon.

Video of U.S. atrocity in Afghanistan sparks outrage
Bush's racist "war on terror"
Shocking images from Afghanistan have again exposed the racist barbarism of the U.S. "war on terror."


Bush administration fails Katrina victims
Abandoned again
Even the most cynical commentators have to be surprised at how quickly George Bush abandoned--for a second time--the poor, mostly Black residents of New Orleans.

Why the world looks flat to Thomas Friedman
About 50 pages into his new book The World Is Flat, you start to wonder how New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman found the time to write so much about so little.


Leak scandal indictments could take down the president's men
Is this Bush's Watergate?
The Bush administration may suffer a political blow this week that will leave it wishing for the good old days of 40 percent approval ratings.

The making of a media hack
New York Times star reporter Judith Miller has been revealed as someone prepared to serve as a stenographer for the government rather than a critic of it.


Brutality at Guantánamo prison camp
Hunger strikers tortured
Prisoners on hunger strike at the U.S. prison camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, have described force feedings by guards as a nightmarish punishment.

White House scandals put Supreme Court confirmation in question
Will Miers be defeated?
As the confirmation process for Harriet Miers--a long-time Bush ally and Christian evangelical who has never been a judge--has worn on, her shoo-in status is in question.


Three-week window for relief to arrive before winter
More lives at stake in Pakistan
The U.S. and other governments have to deliver desperately needed relief within three weeks, or hundreds of thousands more people will die.


Is the Iraq war just about the oil?
If world capitalism suddenly began running its businesses and militaries on something other than oil, would that end, or at least lessen, the threat of war? If only it were so easy.


NYU grad students vote on strike action
The graduate employees' union at New York University is gearing up for a fight with the university over the life of the union.

Labor in brief
New York City teachers; Northwest Airlines


Student antiwar activists chart way forward
More than 650 college and high school students, parents and activists participated in the On the Frontlines counter-recruitment conference at the University of California-Berkeley.

Students take on religious right in Wichita
A group of Wichita, Kan., high school students turned the tables on the anti-abortion right.

News and reports
Military out of our schools


What the retailer did and didn't do after Katrina
Fixing Wal-Mart's image
One could ask: "Wasn't Wal-Mart's stepped-up response to Katrina, after initially cutting off its employee paychecks, an attempt at burnishing its sagging public image?"

"Going public" at UC-Irvine
Dining service workers at University of California-Irvine have a wage of about $8.50 an hour--far below the living wage for Orange County.

Views in brief
Inspired by September 24; Cosby wasn't blaming victims; Stereotypes at the Red Cross; Military can't handle bird flu


Working-class women are the stars of North County
Standing up to sexual harassment
For those of us fed on a steady diet of "post-feminism," North Country--harrowing as it is--provides a welcome antidote.

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