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November 11, 2005 | Issue 565


Support spreading for counter-recruitment protesters
Hands off Dave!
To Dave Airhart, hanging an antiwar banner on the military recruiters' climbing wall at Kent State didn't seem nearly as offensive as the war the Marines commended him for fighting in.

How detainees were "disappeared into...
The CIA's secret prisons
A Washington Post expose reveals that the CIA itself has been operating a network of secret prisons that includes at least one former Soviet-era compound.


How a study of Iraqis casualties was dismissed
The true toll of the U.S. war
One year before the 2,000th U.S. soldier was killed in Iraq, a study in the British medical journal the Lancet estimated that 100,000 Iraqi civilians had already died--after 18 months of occupation.

Showdown at Delphi highlights the war on workers
What happened to the American Dream?
Autoworkers are facing the worst attack from Corporate America since the early 1980s--and if planned cuts at Delphi and GM go through, workers will pay a heavy price.


Budget cuts will cause more suffering for victims of Katrina
The "let them eat cake" Congress
Michael Brown is out as the director of FEMA, but his "let them eat cake" attitude toward the victims of Katrina is still easy to find in Washington.

The right wing's dream nominee
The bush administration is charging ahead with the Supreme Court nominee that conservatives have been dreaming of.


Immigrant teens' death sparks rioting that spreads across France
A revolt against racism
Hundreds of French suburbs and towns have become scenes of open rebellion against anti-Muslim and anti-Arab racism.

As trade summit breaks down...
Bush faces huge protests in Argentina
Huge protests greeted George W. Bush's visit to Argentina as the Summit of the Americas ended without negotiating the free trade deal the U.S. government had hoped for.


Protest targets police who blocked evacuees
Return to the Gretna bridge
People from around the country joined New Orleans activists November 7 for a protest march over a bridge that connects the city to the mostly white suburb of Gretna.

Pushed off the ballot in Brunswick, Ga.
Why they fear Elaine Brown
Supporters of former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown are fighting a last-minute battle for her right to appear on the ballot in the election for mayor of Brunswick, Ga.

Cutting back on health care
How low will Wal-Mart sink?
Wal-Mart's cheapness in wages and employee benefits is legendary. But the company's executives are coming up with new ideas to sink even lower.


Did "oil addiction" lead to war in Iraq?
To argue that the war on Iraq is only about U.S. dependence on foreign oil misses the bigger picture of why oil resources are valuable to America's rulers.

Capitalism and bureaucracy
Profitable enterprises are supposed to be the guarantee against bureaucracy, but this claim by free-market ideologues fails utterly to describe reality.


Hundreds of faculty plan to move their classes off campus
NYU grads vote to strike
Graduate assistants at New York University voted October 31 in favor of striking against NYU's refusal to negotiate with our union.

Labor in brief
New York City teachers


Thousands protest Iraq war across the U.S.
Antiwar activists turned out across the country to mark the first anniversary of George W. Bush's reelection and oppose the continued occupation of Iraq.

News and reports
Stop the Klan; Stop the execution of Stan Tookie Williams


One year after the murder of a union organizer
Who killed Gilberto Soto?
In the year since Teamster organizer José Gilberto Soto's death in El Salvador, no serious investigation has taken place into his murder and its possible link to his union activities.

Ripping off N.Y. consumers
A New York state government's plan to deregulate the telecommunications industry will drive up rates for basic local service by up to 65 percent for many customers.

Views in brief
Another name on their list; A new struggle against racism; We need justice for juveniles; Why they ignored Rosa Parks


Harold Pinter awarded Nobel Prize for literature
Exposing what lurks beneath "normal life"
Harold Pinter is one of the most renowned playwrights of the last 50 years. But more recently, he's become prominent as an opponent of the crimes of the U.S. war machine.

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